Of muslins and me-mades and major craft withdrawl

Seriously….with all of that fabric that I have lurking in the basement, taunting me, how is it that I had nothing that would make a good jeans muslin? I mean, sure, I had some khaki twill. But only enough to make a pair of shorts, and I’m going to save that for my actual pants-making tests. And, well, everything else was stuff like the denim I actually want to make the jeans out of. No good. I didn’t want to use regular ol’ muslin, because it’s too thin and I felt like it wouldn’t give an accurate idea of what a thicker denim would look like. And of course I didn’t want to bust into all of that twill-type fabric that I just bought, because I got those specifically to make pants that I actually want to wear. So it was off to Joann’s with me. I considered getting an inexpensive denim, if I could find one with a light enough color that I could mark on it like I’d need to, but all of that had a bit of spandex in it and that’s no good for testing before my non-stretch final fabric. But in the end, the least expensive feasible option (after my handy 40% off coupon) ended up being a white twill. Not my first choice of color, but the only other options were brown, black, or paying $3 more per yard for a slightly different twill to get khaki.

Of course, I’m trying to figure out a way that I can actually get something wearable out of this in the end, once I work out the fitting kinks. So I got one of those marking pens that’s supposed to wipe off with a damp cloth, since the only ones I have fade after exposure to air and that’s no good for this either, in hopes that I can get as many marks off as possible. I’m also thinking that dye will more likely than not be involved at some point, because white twill bootcut pants do not sound like a good option for my actual wardrobe! It’ll probably also end up being a pair of shorts or capris or something. But that’s ok. It’s just that sewing time is a complete luxury right now, and even though I know the fitting is a Really Important Step, I don’t want to “waste” that time on sewing things that will just get thrown away, you know? (Especially since I had to buy fabric just to test!)

I’ve got some MMM to catch up on from the last several days. I spent the weekend hanging out with some friends–I had to practically beg for the Saturday off, but we had a great time, and the friends that met my boyfriend for the first time liked him, so that was a good thing. (I did attempt to do some knitting, but it ended up being negative progress, as I had to frog several inches of it.) I’m definitely paying for it this week, with a 6-day run at the retail job, including what will end up being about 11 hours on Saturday. If I fail any day of this challenge, that will probably be the one. We’ll see how I do. In the meantime….
MMM'12, Day 17Day 17:

Shirt: the vaguely Celtic Renfrew top
Jeans: Express, via Goodwill
Sandals: Auditions
Earrings: See below

Worn after work, to help my boyfriend transport his dogs to his parents’ for the weekend, and then a quick dinner at Pizza Hut. Someday, I will make at least 5 more of these shirts. They’re that comfortable.

MMM'12, Day 17 earrings

And look– turtle earrings!

MMM'12, Day 18

Day 18:
Shirt: “Shakespeare on the Green” top
Skirt: Cha-Cha” skirt
Sandals: Same as yesterday. (And since these were the only shoes I brought with me, you get to see them for the next two days as well!
Earrings: I forgot to get a close-up, but they’re me-made with dragonflies.

The greens don’t quite match up between my shirt and the skirt, but I don’t care. It looked fine, and the green in the skirt is only a stitching line anyway so it’s not like it was a big block of clashiness. I wore this for teaching, and then to drive up to my friends’ house. I ended up changing into jeans once we got there and had eaten dinner, but the skirt’s pretty comfortable so it was fine for driving. I was just getting cold.

MMM, Day 19
Day 19:
Shirt: Reconstructed T made from a self-drafted pattern–pre-blog, but I did talk about it a bit in the last Self-Stitched September that I did.
Jeans: A different pair of Express jeans, also from Goodwill
Sandals: Can’t see them, but they’re the same as the last two days.
Earrings: A repeat from Day 4. (And the one day I wore this for SSS, apparently. How uncreative….but then, I don’t have much red jewelry, so I guess it’s understandable.)

This was our bum around/play hours’ long board games/watch a movie/picnic by a little lake day, so jeans and a t-shirt was definitely the thing. Thus the reason I need more Renfrews. Also, this one is a little too short….I guess that’s what I get for making it while I was in college.
MMM'12, Day 20
Day 21
Dress: The “Convertible” dress
Bracelet & earrings: me-made, but again, I forgot a pic
Sandals: What do you think?

Today was this dress’s public debut, and it ended up working really well–nice enough to wear for church, but comfortable enough for an afternoon involving more board games. If you look at my blog post on it, I kind of ended up morphing between the 2nd and 4th options from the left in the top row–more shoulder coverage for Mass and a little cooler for later. I think this dress is going to see a lot of use this summer!

And last, but not least, today’s outfit:
MMM'23, Day 21 Day 21:
Top: the “Frankenblouse
Camisole: purchased
Skirt: The quickie batik skirt reconstruction that I may or may not have originally made. (It was either me or my mom…. I honestly can’t remember which.)
Sandals: Montego Bay Club
Necklace: Repeat from day 2
Earrings: Me-made with butterflies

This outfit was a bit of an experiment for me. Ever since I found her blog, I’ve had a great admiration for Oona and her crazy print mixing. As much as I love prints, I’ve tended to be a bit boring in that it’s usually a print with a solid. (See basically every outfit with a print I’ve ever posted on this blog.) So this was a pretty subtle way to ease myself in–stripes with a floral, but the stripes are thin and metallic and practically a neutral. I’ll be honest and say this shirt only stayed on for a few hours– I ended up changing into a t-shirt once I got done teaching because I wanted to get that twill washed up in case I have some time to trace the pattern onto it tomorrow evening, and my light-colored laundry tends to get put off for awhile (since nearly everything I wear is medium-to-dark colors) so I had to take advantage of having some things to wash it with.

So that’s 2/3 of the month down! Like I said, I think this week is going to be the biggest challenge, seeing as how I’m practically full-time at a job that I can’t wear anything fun or me-made at this week. Also, I miss sewing. So I’ll just keep chanting my mantra that I’m thankful I have a job….and hope it slows down a bit once June hits.


4 thoughts on “Of muslins and me-mades and major craft withdrawl

  1. Oh, I'm so excited to see your jeans progress! I bought denim and the silk organza for hubs' jeans this morning, buuuuuuut… totally forgot about the muslin thing. I'm sort of toying with living on the edge, using monster seam allowances, and just carefully forging ahead with the actual denim. What do you think? Too risky? I wouldn't do it with a pair of jeans for myself, but since boy jeans have a bit less fitting involved, I'm thinking I might be able to get away with it…


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