MMM, days 7 & 8

Day 7: 
Shirt: The seafoam pintuck top, blogged here
Sweater: Sonoma, from Kohl’s
Pants: Thrifted, and me-altered to fit a little better
Shoes: Hotter (a British import that I recently discovered, and amazingly comfortable. It also makes me happy that nearly every shoe comes in wide! I know they’re pricey, but that’s why I got them in black– so I can get maximum usage out of them!)
Jewelry: The “Air” set from my elements series, blogged here

 Not the best picture, since it was so grey and dreary out and I had to use my flash in order for things to show up at all. This is a new combination for me– I always wore this shirt with tan on bottom (with the occasional exception of this), until today. I think the combination looks better without the flash making it look all pastel!

Day 8:
Shirt: Forever 21, via thrift store
Cardigan: The “Sweater Song” reconstruction, blogged here
Jeans: DKNY, also via thrift store ($11!! Hands-down the best find I’ve ever had at a Goodwill!)
Shoes: Softspots
Belt: ModCloth
Necklace and earrings: Me-made

My boyfriend is being very gracious about taking pictures on the days we see each other, and it’s working out very well in that I’m getting some more interesting photo locations! This was taken outside of the place we met for dinner after he got off work and before I did some teaching, since we were in the same area and I would have had to drive up there for just one today otherwise. It was neat–the place was called the Purebread Cafe, and all of the sandwiches were named after dog breeds! I got a “Great Dane”, which was a ham-and-brie panini with tomatoes and super-spicy mustard. Yum! Anyway…

 This necklace almost feels like cheating, since all I really did was add a closure and a pendant to this chain. But it still counts. And I like that it added some color to my outfit!

 I don’t think I’ve blogged these earrings before. I originally made them for my mom, to go with a necklace I’d made her. But she stopped wearing earrings a few years ago and gave her entire collection to me. I think the beads have a sort of Van Gogh look to them too!

In other news, I actually did some sewing tonight! All it’s been so far is doing some understitching and pressing of the neckline, and the next step involves hand sewing. It’s the sort of fabric where I can’t really cheat and topstitch over it, because it will look better if I don’t. So I’m hoping I can finish that tonight so I can just focus on the machine with my day off tomorrow and knock out as much as possible. Imagine that–I might actually finish a sewing project soon!

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