MMM, Days 5 & 6

I was going to try and go for the daily outfit posts, but it just seems to be working out better to do every other day so far. Any more than that, and I think the prospect of taking that much time to write a post when I could be doing other creative things would be too overwhelming, and increase my chances of dropping out of the challenge. So here’s my me-made weekend…

Day 5:
Shirt: “Happy Camper” blouse, blogged here
Cropped jeans: Levi’s (rolled up because I need to shorten them)
Bag: Mom-made!
Shoes: Array (can’t see them, but they look like this in white) 
Accessories: Me-made green leaf beaded necklace– pre-blog, but I’ve featured it before in Self-Stitched September (Day 28)

So here’s me and my buddy Sid at the movie theater. I wanted to keep the outfit simple since I had very little time between getting off of work (on a Saturday, I know) and going to rehearsal. So I kept the same jeans I wore to work and threw on the top. After that, my boyfriend and I went out for a quick dinner and then to the movies to see The Raven I like Edgar Allen Poe’s stories, so although it was a little unnecessarily grisly in one scene, I enjoyed it overall.

Day 6:

Dress: the famous Little Black Dress, blogged here
Shoes: Array, again
Necklace/earrings: Me-made– again, pre-blog, but featured on Day 8 of the last challenge month that I did.

Believe it or not, this is what I wore almost all day! I threw a black and white cardigan over top of this for church in the morning, but I had to leave before the service was over for a 1:00 dress rehearsal before a 3:00 concert. I was supposed to wear all black anyway–it’s standard for classical concerts–and I figured that since part of my justification for making a semi-couture black dress was to wear it for concerts, why not? I knew about half of the group would be wearing pants, and since I also needed to wear it for church, I did want to dress it down a little . Thus the flats and the funkier jewelry. Actually, this dress was surprisingly comfortable to wear for an extended period of time– I guess taking all of that time to fine-tune the fit and using the nicer silk/cotton fabrics paid off!

I’m very excited–though I have to work again this Saturday, which I expected since it’s a garden center and Mother’s Day weekend, they gave me off on Wednesday. And since I only have one student for the entire day, you know what that means– I have a hot date with my sewing machine! Hurrah, time to sew at last! Also, I’m still taking suggestions for what to do with that red twill if I don’t make the Beignet with it as planned, as per my last post. Ginger suggested a pair of capris, and that seems like a good option–I was thinking maybe use it to try out my Clover pattern, but the twill has no stretch and that does concern me a little, given that Colette recommends a fabric with lycra. But I’m also thinking that if I make them a bit shorter, I could maybe do a vent in the side seams to make up for it around my knees. Maybe even with a few of those sparkly red buttons, so I can still use them as planned.

In the meantime, I did do something crafty, at least…I worked a bit on my scrapbooking after the concert tonight.


4 thoughts on “MMM, Days 5 & 6

  1. Anoriell

    I really like that blouse! And woohoo for surviving a crazy busy weekend! Also, awesome on a Wednesday sewing date! I will do my best to steer clear of distracting you since I am also home that day (all week, actually).

    You are doing great with this MMM commitment. I must applaud you. Well done and keep it up! It is fun to read you.



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