MMM, Days 3 & 4– To Be(ignet), or not to Be(ignet)?

I didn’t have time to post yesterday, so I’ll have to make up for it today.

Day 3:
Jacket: “Floral Fantasy” jacket, blogged here
Jeans: The Gap, via Goodwill
Sandals: Birkenstocks, via
Headband: Me-made from scraps of a reconstruction, blogged here
Earrings: Me-made, see below
Wristband: courtesy of Union Transfer

My big exciting thing yesterday was that I headed up to Philadelphia with two of my friends for a concert! So this was taken at the Union Transfer, which was a new venue for us. We got there early enough that the seats in the balcony were vacated, which gave me just enough time to hand the camera over to my best friend so she could kindly oblige me on the outfit shot. This was the first time I’ve actually worn this jacket as a jacket– until yesterday, I’ve worn it as a shirt a couple of times. I wasn’t sure how it would go with the neckline, but one thing I’m trying to do with this month is wear things in new ways, and I think the jacket looked pretty good with this particular t-shirt! It’s an owl with headphones and a wooden record player in a tree, and totally cute. And very appropriate, since we were going to see Andrew Bird!

So this is what I got to enjoy last night. If you’ve never checked out his music, you really should–the man is a genius, and can do amazing things with a violin and whistling. Yes, whistling. This is “Orpheus Looks Back”, which is one of my favorites so far off of his latest album, Break It Yourself.  (If I can get Blogger to cooperate in loading it…)


 And here’s a closer-up view of the earrings– pretty simple, just some bits of goldstone and jasper.

 And here’s today:
Day 4: 
Blouse: “Puzzle Pieces”, blogged here
Dress: Wet Seal, via Goodwill
Belt: Sash from said dress
Shoes: Softspots, I think from Maryland Square
Earrings: Me-made, see below

It’s gotten warmer again here today, and I was thinking at work today that this would be a good blouse to pull out. I was originally thinking of going simple with my black capri pants, but I guess they’re still under the bed or something because I haven’t found them in the pile of things to put in the closet. (With this yo-yo spring, switching out my wardrobe is being quite the drawn-out process!) So I decided more color might be good, and on a whim, I pulled out this strapless red dress that I picked up on my last thrift store run. I didn’t want to wear the dress as is, because a) I didn’t make it and b) I’d like to add some kind of strap, just for my own personal comfort–although this particular dress is fitted enough at the top that I might just safety pin them in to cover bra straps, because it’s not going to fall down! In fact, it might be too fitted. I hope this won’t be a problem for breathing at rehearsal for flute choir tonight… Anyway, I think this dress works amazingly well as a skirt. So much so, that I’m wondering if I really need to make the red Beignet skirt that I have pulled out for the Palette Challenge. I know it’s a slightly different silhouette, but do I really need two red skirts? On the other hand, I’m not sure what else I would do with two yards of red twill. And I did buy some really awesome buttons to go with it. They’re red, and they’re sparkly. And my machine actually makes decent buttonholes now, since the shop discovered that it was actually the original replacement buttonhole foot that was defective and not my machine. Decisions, decisions….

What do you think? Should I stick with the challenge and make the skirt? Or try to come up with another use for the fabric?

Oh, I almost forgot–today’s earrings!


6 thoughts on “MMM, Days 3 & 4– To Be(ignet), or not to Be(ignet)?

  1. @gingermakes -hmmm, that could work. I could always use it as a way to test out the Clover pants instead! Though there's no stretch, so I wonder how that will work? Maybe I'd better do some research on Sarai's blog!


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