MMM, Day 2: The holes in my wardrobe

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t my favorite outfit. (Nor my best expression– my boyfriend was kind enough to take pics on our way out to grab some dinner and spend an hour or two together, and I guess I was in the middle of blinking. But this one does show the whole outfit the best.) 

Shirt: “Flowery Explosion” top, blogged here
Cardigan: Old Navy
Pants:Lee, from JC Penney’s
Shoes: Naturalizer, from Maryland Square (I think)
Necklace: Me-made
Earrings, which you can’t really see here anyway: Lia Sophia

Here’s how it went down: I had my outfit all picked out and ready to go for after work at the garden center today. But when I picked it, it was supposed to get up to around 70 degrees. In actuality, it didn’t even crack 60. (And yesterday, it was around 80! The weather in my little corner of the mid-Atlantic is pretty whacked out this year.) So I had to improvise, and fast. And I mean fast–the cashier who was taking over for me got there late, which meant I got out late, and I had the span of about an hour to refuel my rental car, take it back to the repair shop where my little Honda was getting its reconstructive surgery after its fender bender, drive home, change my clothes, grab the vacuum cleaner to give the floor a quick once-over before teaching, and then immediately have to put it away before cleaning, because my first student arrived earlier than planned. It happens sometimes when they stop by on their way home from school.

I knew I wanted a colorful top, because this day has been very dreary–either rain, thunderstorms or clouds all day. I wasn’t in the greatest mood, either, because work was pretty craptastic today. Bright clothes with cheery prints just make me feel better! It was way too cold for sleeveless, though, at least for me. I originally had cuter shoes on (my silver gladiator sandals), but by the time I got through my couple of hours’ worth of teaching in the basement, my feet were cold! So I changed to the more practical shoes before going out for dinner. I think the concept of the outfit is ok….it’s just that it’s too pale overall. I’m going to blame the pants–for what is supposed to be a neutral pair of pants, these are so hard to fit into my wardrobe! I think it would have worked better with my camel linen pants, color-wise, but I haven’t ironed them since I last washed them and certainly did not have time to do so today.

I do think the necklace was a good pick, though. This was a fun one to make– basically, I took all of the white/clear/light tan glass beads I had that didn’t go with anything else, made 3 strands of bead links, and then stuck it on some decorative chain to make this necklace. Since this top verges on too low-cut for my taste, it fills in the space nicely! I also think the half-buttoned cardigan looks a little odd/unflattering in the pic, but it looked weirder to have the minty green band halfway up from the tieback sash. Oh well. It’s honestly not my favorite cardigan, either, and I also have found this surprisingly hard to fit into my wardrobe!

Over the last few months, I’ve been taking a close look at my clothes to see if I can identify the holes in my wardrobe, and I think this outfit illustrates a couple of them. For both the pants and the cardigan, these wouldn’t have been my first pick of things to buy–they were both cases of I needed something fast (a pair of khakis, a cream-colored cardigan to wear over that Modcloth dress that I just shortened, when I was wearing it as a dress to a friend’s wedding), and this was the best option I could find at the time. And even though the khakis don’t seem to really go with the rest of my clothes for some reason (and are a little too short even with my flats), and I just don’t like the way the cardigan’s looked with anything so far (too preppy, I guess), I’ve kept them because I don’t really have anything else to fill those holes yet. Especially for the pants– I have a list of 6 things I’ve often wished for in my winter wardrobe, and half of them are different colors of pants to replace ill-fitting or just worn out ones that I have now.

I’m on my way to remedying that– I looked through my stash notebook and found two pieces that would make good pants, in addition to the charcoal lightweight denim that I specifically got for that purpose for Christmas– a more camel-ly khaki corduroy, and a chocolatey-brown twill. I had also recently been debating buying some fabric, and ended up getting twill in grey and olive, and a lightweight denim to replace the too-short trouser jeans that I have now. So once I get through my palette challenge and have the jeans-fitting technique down, I’ll find a good pair of pants, make some test shorts like I did for those linen pants that I mentioned earlier in this post, try it on one pair of pants once I get the fit, and then go assembly-line style and just knock them all out. I have it in the back of my mind to knit a new cream cardigan at some point too–something a little more interesting, like maybe this, or this, or perhaps this. Though I don’t think it will happen any time soon, since I have two other bigger knitting projects in the works, I need to find some nice non-wooly yarn that will work, and I already have yarn that I can use to make a grey cardigan, which I also need. (Hopefully as this. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile!)

So, yeah….in the question of frosting vs. cake, I think I’ll be ok with sewing more cake from here on out. Especially if I can get a nice tried-and-true pants pattern to work from, or maybe two, since jeans fit differently than the average pants. I’ve been finding lately that store-bought clothes just don’t work for me long-term!


5 thoughts on “MMM, Day 2: The holes in my wardrobe

  1. You have the most gorgeous hair and smile—wow! I like the casual vibe of today's outfit. The frosting vs cake issue is uppermost in my mind. I buy patterns suited for an elegant lifestyle when in reality, I spend my time with horses, or sewing, or at a coffee shop. I actually need to make some frosting happen in my life.


  2. I like your necklace and your top is not too low. I think all of your cardi choices are great so I can't help you there.
    While you are sewing up the gaps in your wardrobe, give yourself some space and enjoy what you're made so far. Being a sewer and knitter, you have many more options that others.


  3. I don't know if this helps, but you look good in that outfit! I know what you mean though, if you're not into an outfit, you don't feel good in it. I have plenty of stuff I wear too because of lack of options. I'm trying to fill the gaps but not quickly enough!


  4. Ugh, I have the same issues! I have quite a few items that don't actually fit me right, but I bought them in a pinch, or things that have been worn way too much and look terrible now. I realized the other day that, although I live in jeans, I only have two pairs now, one of which was hemmed way too short by an aggressive tailor in my pre-sewing days, and the other is starting to have holes form at stress points. Eek! Filling in the gaps is hard to do, but so necessary. I'm excited to see how your pants-making goes!


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