MMM, Day 1

And away we go! Kicking it off with an almost entirely homemade day.

Top: “Lizzie” blouse, skirt-to-top refashion, blogged here
Skirt: Quasi-me-made…I’ll explain below.
Bracelet/earrings: Me-made, blogged below
Shoes: Payless, I think?

Going from top to bottom here. One of the things I’m hoping to do this time, since I have plenty of warmer-weather me-made stuff, is to focus on putting together some better outfits. I used this shirt during my last challenge month, on Day 16 of Self-Stitched-September ’10. And that ended up being one of my least favorite outfits days, so I’m trying to redeem the top here. The major problem with it was the crossover bit–it always sagged and was just generally unflattering. So as part of my mending binge that’s been going on and off for the last several months, I hand-stitched that crossover bit in place, and I think it works so much better now!

I’m still proud of that hand-beaded detail. I was sorting through my bead stash (with a LOT of help from my boyfriend, who actually enjoys organizing things) to try and consolidate it on Sunday. And I was thinking to myself that I should use beads on clothes more often. It’s not like I don’t have a bajillion of them.

The earrings and bracelet are both from the December before last when I was making a ton of jewelry for that craft fair. And these were among the many items that didn’t sell.  Since then, I took the things I liked for myself, and then let my mom, my sister-in-law, and a couple of my friends go through the rest– I was at the point where I would rather give it away than store it, and at least I know that the people who got those things are using and enjoying them. I have to admit that I’m not too sorry the bracelet didn’t go, since I was pretty happy with how this turned out!

The story behind the skirt: My mom was teaching a sewing class for awhile for the homeschool co-op that my church hosts. This skirt was a project that came out of that. Though I can’t remember if she’d just cut the pieces and I sewed it together, or if she mostly sewed it and I just hemmed it, or what. I’m pretty sure it was a McCall’s pattern, and I’m guessing it pre-dates the blog, since I’m pretty sure I never wrote about it….thus the quasi-me-made. Apparently, being a “cake” project, this one didn’t really stand out too much in my head!

To improve the chances of successfully navigating this month, I’m going back to my teenage habit of choosing my outfits the night before. It worked well for today…by the time I got home from my retail job, I basically had an hour to change out of my rather unfashionable jeans and work t-shirt combo, take these pics, eat a snack, and write this post. I have a couple of lessons to teach this afternoon, which I’ll need to drive around to, and then I’ll get home around 7:30 to eat dinner, actually get some practicing in today, and shower. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll have enough brainpower left after that to maybe knit a little. Welcome to my Tuesdays.


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