April in review

I figured I’d go ahead and do this month’s writeup now–I know there’s still a day left, but honestly, I’m not going to make any progress towards anything tomorrow, between work and teaching and finally getting my car into the shop to get repaired from its fender-bender. I had to get two estimates thanks to the insurance run-around, and then I couldn’t get an appointment at the shop for well over a week after that.

On the plus side, I do get to pick up Bernadette and the unnamed serger from the shop tomorrow. (Christina suggested Sergio, which is a great idea. But I already have a friend who is somewhat “real life”, since I know her from the internet but did meet her in person once, who named her serger that, and I don’t want to steal her thunder. At the moment, I’m considering Molly, after the somewhat temperamental apprentice wizard from The Dresden Files book series.) Oh, and before I forget– turns out that the reason that Bernadette wasn’t doing so well with the newer buttonhole foot was due to the foot itself. I guess it was defective. So I have to get a new one again, but if it means I get my automatic buttonhole feature back, it’s worth it!

So, enough of that….on to the review. This month was a lot less productive than I’d hoped, due to having little to no weekend time to myself. I knew I’d have extra Sunday afternoon rehearsals since I have a concert next Sunday, but I wasn’t expecting to end up having to work a bunch of Saturdays in a row and lose my prime sewing time as a result. But I did get some stuff done. Let’s see how I did, shall we?

#1: Finish the blue corduroy jacket. Check. This also enabled me to check bagged linings on my Check the Technique.

#2: Go through the Jean-ius class that I have from Craftsy. A partial win, as I’ve only gotten through two of the videos so far. But I’m hoping that maybe I can at least start on part 3 this week and get cracking on that pattern.

#3: I’d like to get a quick project in between the jacket and the jeans. Which I did, with the convertible dress. I also cut out and have about halfway sewn the blouse for my Colette Palette Challenge, since I got stuck on the jeans. 

#4: Get my Onyx sweater sorted out so I can continue that. I did at least get an answer on Ravelry for something to try. But I honestly haven’t touched this one in about a month. Fortunately, my KAL buddy has also been busy, so I’m not holding her up.

#5: Cast on my Strafford Tee. I have done this, and have knitted about 2″ so far. See, progress!

#6: Finish putting my fabric swatches in their new notebook. Yeah, I think I did about 2 swatches this entire month. Fail.

#7: Make one scrapbook page. Now this I actually did do! Since they were very simple pages, I actually managed to get three 2-page spreads assembled. Nothing exciting design-wise, but it’s something.

I guess I did better than I thought, but on the sewing front especially, I still feel rather behind. I’m anticipating this month being similarly nuts, since I already know this weekend is shot between rehearsals/concert and having to work before the Saturday practice, I already know I’m going to lose a good chunk of Memorial Day weekend due to having to work yet again on the Saturday, and I’m very much hoping that I will be out of town (and therefore not working) for one of those weekends. (But in that case, the girls I’d be hanging out with are my crocheting buddies, so there’s a fairly decent chance I can get some knitting in between rounds of board games, and it wouldn’t be a total loss of craftiness.) So I’m going to keep things fairly simple this month. Here’s what I’m hoping to get done:

#1. Not flake out on Me-Made-May. If I have limited time to create things, I want to at least enjoy the things I’ve made already. And since I need to add some things to the Handmade Closet page on here, I am going to try to keep up with the daily photos, with the goal of posting those outfit photos a couple of times a week. (Besides, my boyfriend was excited to hear that I’ve taken on something that involves taking lots of pictures of myself that he can steal for himself later!)

On a side note, before I continue, it occurs to me that I never actually posted my pledge on here. So here it is:

I, Becky, of Sew and So, pledge to wear at least one me-made or refashioned piece of clothing a day, and aspire to wear at least one handmade accessory, for the duration of May. I also pledge to aspire to do better with taking photos this time! 

#2: Finish the three pieces of clothing for my Palette Challenge:
      a) the blouse, which as I mentioned, is about halfway done
      b) the jeans, which I need to make the pattern for and then actually make, as per the class instructions
      c) the skirt, which I’ve only started in my head about a dozen times when work gets boring, but haven’t touched in the real world.

#3: Make some visible progress on my Strafford Tee. This shouldn’t be too terribly difficult to accomplish, since I’m sure I’ll at least have some tv-watching time with my guy on our lower-key hangout nights. (Thankfully, he is completely cool with me keeping my hands busy with crafty stuff while we watch movies or hockey or tv shows. Hey, maybe I’ll do something totally crazy and finish that next step on the Onyx too! We’ll see how it goes.)

#4: Finish weeding out my wardrobe, and get the things I’m getting rid of out of here and to the thrift store so I don’t have a huge pile of laundry lurking just behind my door!

So, yeah, I’m going to just leave it at that. Hopefully once I get past the spring, which is the busiest season at a garden center, I won’t be working 6 days a week anymore and can actually get some of my personal stuff done. If nothing else, I should be able to get some Sunday afternoon craft time in there, once I get through the concert next week.

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