When I can’t sew….

…I find myself daydreaming about sewing when things get slow at my day job. In my head, that red Beignet skirt has been finished twice by now. My wardrobe also has a perfectly-fitting imaginary pair of jeans, a summery Lonsdale dress that I haven’t even queued to cut out yet, and some nifty new refashions that may or may not ever happen in the real world.

….I also find myself daydreaming that some friendly singing mice and birds will come in and finish all of my mending projects while I’m working, Cinderella-style.

….I took advantage of not having time to do anything with them to take both my machine and my serger to the shop. Bernadette (my sewing machine, which has recently picked up a name after being just “my sewing machine” for years) just needs a little tuning up, because she hasn’t had one since my mom handed her down to me oh, 14-15 years ago. I oil her regularly and do my best to keep her cleaned out, but every so often, it’s probably good to let the professionals at her. I’m also hoping that, since I mentioned it to the repairman, the mystery of why her automatic buttonhole feature no longer works since getting the new foot can be solved.  My as-of-yet nameless serger….well, I’m hoping that when I get it back, the left needle actually makes a good stable row of stitching and I won’t have to have Bernadette finish all of its dirty work when it comes to seaming together my knits.

…I’m culling my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still wonderfully overstuffed, but I’ve actually managed to create a good-sized pile of clothes to go to the great big thrift shop in the sky. Things I just don’t like anymore, things I’ve been meaning to alter and realized I just don’t care enough to bother, things that don’t fit me right at all, etc. I still have another under-the-bed bin or two to go through before I can actually send them off, but so far, most of my shorts have ended up there, despite the fact that I need some for work. I learned last summer that working outside registers with shorts that are way too big at your waist and a radio dragging them down even further at the pockets is not a fun experience. (I got them to fit my hips, and so even belts didn’t help.)

….I went thrift shopping. In deference to my lack of time, I completely managed to avoid buying anything that was simply for the fabric/refashion potential. Of course, I still ended up with two things that need slight alterations– a strapless red dress that could use at least the option for straps, and a lovely lime green dress that, after bringing it home and taking it out of the bag, I realized that it’s almost an identical color to my convertible dress! Basically, the knit dress is a bluer shade and the thrifted dress is a yellower shade. So I need to mix it up a bit. I have some lace trim that I got for free ages ago that I think might look great with it. I’m debating whether to throw some dye into the mix as well–a little dip-dye ombre effect, perhaps?

….yeah, that’s the other thing I’m daydreaming about. Dyeing things. I already have a small mental list of clothes that could use a little color alteration. And a piece of white gauzey fabric that I want to dye and make into a maxi-skirt. In my head, it’s turning orange and yellow and red and I’m calling it my “Girl On Fire” skirt. Yes, I still have The Hunger Games stuck in my head.

….I want to buy fabric. In fact, I did cave and buy this…though I’m normally not attracted to traditional lace fabrics, I have been liking the lace shirt trend this spring. Plus it’s sunflowers, and that makes it pretty much my Favorite. Lace. EVER. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with it yet. But I’ll find something.

I thought that would pretty much scratch the fabric itch, but noooo, I still want to buy more fabric. Which is just bad, because if I can manage to find enough sewing time to get through my Colette Palette challenge, I think that just might make me finally crack that 200-yard mark on my fabric stash! I’m even justifying it in my head. I do need a few pairs of pants, and I don’t have all of the colors I need in my stash in sufficient quantities. And Fabric.com currently has a sale running on organic cotton bottomweight twill, which only lasts until Monday. And I also have a 13% off coupon code, which does not say that it doesn’t work on sale items. So I could totally justify this. And possibly this, since my trouser jeans get a lot of use despite being obviously too short for me–I would love to replace them with a better-fitting (and especially longer!) self-stitched pair.

Solid colored neutral pants are basics, and I will need to make those happen at some point. What I’m having a little more trouble justifying is my desire for this. I saw it, and it’s screaming at me that it wants to be a sweater dress based on the Renfrew top pattern. Especially since my one thrifted sweater dress (more of a sweater tunic, since I only ever wore it over jeans) has ended up in my “to donate” pile….I still love it, but it’s time to acknowledge that it was always too small for me and therefore too tight all over and I need to let it go. But then there’s still the problem of “I have barely any sewing time right now.”

I did get through the first two videos of the jeans class, and my jeans are all thread-basted up and ready to go for lesson 3. I think. I may have to re-do the last line or something, I’m not sure if it’s right and I haven’t gotten an answer on the messageboard for that lesson yet.

4 thoughts on “When I can’t sew….

  1. I loved that Cinderella scene when I was a kid! (still do)

    Sounds like you're making good progress going through your wardrobe. I'm in desperate need of shorts too, although I've pretty much decided I'm not built for most shorts. Too tight in the legs, too big in the waist. (thanks Irish dancing!)

    I think if I owned a serger, I would name it Sergio. But only if it looked like a boy serger. 🙂


  2. I love the lace! I haven't managed to do any sewing in ages due to work being crazy, but fingers crossed this Saturday will be the day I finally get a few things finished!


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