Meet my favorite jeans.

After a little deliberation, I’ve decided that I am going to go ahead and give this Colette Palette Challenge a shot. I saw a post on the Coletterie this morning where one of the editors had decided she’d just focus on three pieces, and it was a lightbulb moment for me….I can actually make this work without completely derailing my plan to work through those “kits” I’ve made from my stash, and without overwhelming myself with an overly ambitious plan that I just can’t get through while I’m in my busy season at work. (I hope. Given that I don’t have a day off for at least the next 13 days after today, I might not get to sew much at all!)

So I’m going to use this challenge to focus on three of those pieces, with a rather basic palette of black, white, dark blue and red. The dark blue will be my jeans, which I’d already planned to do this month while working through the Jean-ius class on Craftsy. I’m also going to aim to work on the blouse from the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook, using a black and white print I finally caved on after about a month of deliberation back in December, and the Beignet in a red organic cotton twill that I’ve had sitting around for awhile to make a skirt out of. That seems like a manageable amount for the 6ish weeks that the challenge goes on, and if I can manage to finish all three pieces, I’ll have two complete outfits, since the top can easily pair with both bottoms.

So, to kick things off and to gear myself up for starting the Jean-ius class, since I’m this close to finishing the convertible dress and will most likely finish it up this evening, this is me taking a look at the jeans I’m going to be basing this class on.

I bought these jeans a few years ago at Goodwill. The brand is Southpole, which is not one I would have ever picked up new since it’s more of an urban style type shop and that just isn’t me. (Also, their website now says it basically focuses on kids’ and juniors’ clothes.) But they fit me amazingly well.

They don’t gap in the back at all. And the rise is absolutely perfect–low enough to be comfortable and stylish, but high enough that I don’t have to worry about flashing my undies at people.

Even the length is perfect–they’re long enough that they work with my heeled boots, but short enough that I can wear them with flats without stepping on the hem.

These are the jeans I go to pretty much every time I go hang out with friends, when I want to be comfortable but still look good. And they’ve been washed and worn so many times that the fly is starting to pull back and expose the zipper, the fabric around the button is beginning to fray and I’m getting worried that one of these days it’ll just completely fall out, and the pocket stitching is beginning to come undone. And so it’s definitely time to clone them before they fall apart completely, because I haven’t found a pair of jeans that fit as well since.

6 thoughts on “Meet my favorite jeans.

  1. Good for you!
    I'm still contemplating whether to enter or not. I realised most of my sewing plans ahead of me are somewhere around blue. So I might be able to create a palette out of it, but probably not a working wardrobe, because there's a lot of dresses and tops, and not really any bottoms… Your plan is way more versatile!


  2. Aren't jeans just about the biggest pain? Even when you do find the “perfect pair” it seems they stop making that particular cut or something else goes wrong. I hope your adventure in making these will work out!


  3. kudos to you for taking on the challenge. I think you can do it despite all the work, as long as you plan, plan, and plan. I'm really interested in this jean-ius class you're taking. Please let me know more!


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