All sorts of random

Because it’s Wednesday, I wanted to answer some comments anyway, and I have all sorts of craft-related thoughts floating through my head. Comment replies first:

Kelly asked me how many pairs of pants I’ve made so far. If you don’t count pajama pants, I’ve had two pairs of pants that I would consider successful. Yes, one of them was the Anthropologie greatness of last summer, And the black pants I made for my pantsuit turned out pretty decently, though I would like them better if the waistband had been a tiny bit longer and the fly had turned out nicer. As it is, they fit me so absolutely perfectly that if I gained a pound or two, they probably wouldn’t fit anymore. (Good thing that my weight doesn’t seem to fluctuate much.) I’ve also had a few failures, like the jeans I made a few years ago that tore in a bad place pretty quickly.

Carolyn, Donna and Mary all suggested that maybe I drew the pants a little short in the croquis and that adding shoes might help. I haven’t had a chance to play around with that yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

Ginger suggested the Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank as a potential solution for my yardish of lining fabric that’s left over and screaming to be made into a top. It’s a cute pattern, but I’m not sure it would work for me–I’ve found that tops/dresses with little to no shaping at the waist just don’t quite work on me. I may have something in my pattern stash that will work, so I’ll have to pull that out and see. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Now, on to the random thoughts….

  • Why am I suddenly having a slew of ideas for things to do with my fabric stash now that I have a whole bunch of projects queued and very little time to actually execute them?
  • I did have about an hour to sew today, and got the 4 seams needed to assemble the knit dress stitched up. Though I’ll have to take it in a bit because it’s gapping pretty badly under the arms. Then it’s just hemming and finishing the arm/neck holes, and it’s done.
  • I think I am going to have to see about getting my serger repaired. Again. Said 4 seams are also going to be reinforced with my regular Bernina.
  • To try the Colette Palette Challenge, or not to try the Colette Palette Challenge? That is the question. Particularly since I don’t want to get too far off-track as far as dealing with all of those fabric/pattern pairings I already have goes. So if I did this, it looks like my palette would have to be rather limited, like black and white and maybe one of the other more-or-less solid pieces I have queued. (I’m not sure how well red and sky-ish blue will go together.) And I’m not sure how fun that would be, to go so neutral.
  • I’m suddenly finding myself in the mood to do some weeding in my wardrobe, and figure out where the holes really are. I’ve managed to pull several things out so far, including a few things from my mending pile that were there more for refashioning purposes and I’ve decided that I just don’t care enough.
  • I’m also finding myself with a rather strong urge to buy some fabric, even though I’m still sitting on about 208 yards. I think a large part of it has to do with the aforementioned weeding/the realization that nearly all of my store-bought pants are too short for me, and a large part of it has to do with Tasia’s recent post about sewing frosting vs. cake. Let’s be honest here: as fun as sewing dresses and skirts can be, realistically speaking, when it comes to my working wardrobe, pants and jeans are my “cake”. For well over half of the year, when I’m looking for things to wear for my teaching, I’ll reach for those too-short pants because I’m too cold to contemplate a skirt, even with tights. I’ve been trying to branch out there, and in the summer, I am more likely to reach for a skirt or dress than a pair of shorts. But I’m overall more of a pants person. Other than church, I more or less live in jeans all weekend long. And that’s ok if that’s my style. Except I need more pants, and most of those store-bought ones just aren’t cutting it in terms of holding up and being an ok length. (I’m pretty sure they shrank in the wash, if they were even long enough to begin with. That’s what I get for also wearing boots a lot.) The point is, I think I only have one, maybe two pieces of fabric that could make a good pair of work pants both in terms of weight and yardage. And I know of at least 3 different colors that I need as neutrals to make all of my great tops work. So I’m very strongly tempted to go ahead and get some bottomweight fabrics in those colors. But part of me is thinking that maybe I should knock some more of these things off the queue first. Like, you know, the pair of jeans and the pair of pants that I already have queued. And then I’d have a better idea of what sort of yardage I really need anyway.
  • I’m getting some help on my Onyx sweater via Ravelry. I’m still trying to figure out if that means I need to rip the entire thing out and start over, again. One of these days, I hope to make a sweater that I don’t have to start 3 times. That happened with the Cadence too.
  • I went ahead and cast on a new project anyway, and am pondering the odds of things turning out ok if I deviate from the pattern to add some shaping in the waist area. I’ve seen multiple comments on Ravelry stating that the pattern would have benefited from such. Thank goodness I live in the internet age, where how-tos are only a few mouse clicks away!

2 thoughts on “All sorts of random

  1. It feels good to figure what kind of garment you love to wear the best.. And it is great you look so good in jeans, so go for it! Personally I don't really know what I am 😉 a bit of everything!


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