in between

I seem to find myself at an in-between point on several projects.

  • I’m actually pretty close to finishing up the blue jacket! I got a nice chunk of sewing time yesterday, and so all I have left is one hand-stitched seam and 3 buttons to sew on. No pictures, because at this point I’d rather wait until it’s done.
  • Regarding the Onyx sweater: I still don’t know what I did wrong. I spent a good chunk of the evening chatting online with my KAL-partner-in-crime tonight, and the solution we came up with involved cutting the yarn and treating the wrong side like it was the right side. Which worked really well in that it put the mistake stitches on the wrong side, and I was able to just knit an extra row to get back on track. Only problem is that once I got caught up, we went on to the first row of the next section, and where the instructions say to knit the reserved stitches for the back in the same row as the front, the back section is doing that exact same thing! So far, we’re both having that issue. At this point, I might just purl all of that section instead, since I can’t make heads or tails of it otherwise.
  • I cut out the Butterick convertible dress today. I had to do a last-minute change of plans on this one. My mom gave me two pieces of fabric for my birthday specifically for this pattern, since I had no stashed pieces of knit that it would be ok to show the wrong side of. I was originally planning to go with the blue hemp jersey, but it was cut so crookedly that I basically lost a quarter-yard of fabric once I got the fold to lie flat. And since two of the three pieces were cut on the fold, that part was kind of important! So I went with the green rayon instead, and I’ll have to come up with a fun top to make out of the hemp. Maybe some kind of Anthro-inspired embellished Renfrew… The dress should sew up pretty quickly, though, given that it’s basically 4 seams, 3 edge finishes and a hem. The drape itself is left completely raw-edged, so other than getting it in the side seams, I don’t even have to mess with that. It’ll probably take me more time to get the serger rethreaded and the tension right than to sew the actual dress!
  • I am reknititng my swatch for the knitted tee, purposely forcing myself to knit less tightly. It’s a little early in the swatch to tell, but I think that the width may be good now. (So maybe what I can do is just knit more tightly on purpose when I hit around the waist, to give it some shaping!)

 I did also decide to go ahead and rework the dress I wore on Saturday a bit, which is essentially resulting in my taking a dart out of the bodice seam. I realized pretty quickly that it would actually be a lot easier for me to stitch the new side seam by hand than for me to undo the entire lining in order to get to it by machine. So I’m taking the opportunity to practice a couple of the stitches from my Couture Sewing Techniques book. The bottom row of stitching is my backstitch, since that’s supposed to work the best for a strong, permanent seam….how am I doing?

I’ve also been playing around in the last couple of weeks with my croquis. And, well, I’m not sure how helpful this is! I was sketching out the pants and blouse combinations from two different Vogue patterns that I have, in order to help myself decide what to make with the charcoal denim and coordinating silky print I was given for Christmas. And, well, the pants on both just look awful in my sketch! So either this means that I took the picture at an oddball angle which apparently gives me more of the little teapot look (i.e. shorter and stouter), or maybe pants just don’t work on me. At least the straight-legged ones. Isn’t that supposed to be the cut that looks good on everyone? So I’m wondering if maybe I should ditch that idea altogether and go bootcut or something. (I am still kind of inclined to like the top in the middle sketch better out of the two options.)

At least it appears that my Beignet will look good.

Anyway, I’m hoping that maybe I’ll have time to squeeze in that regular pair of pants shortly after the convertible dress and jeans, because I did sign up for Me-Made-May this year. Hopefully I won’t totally flake like I did last March. I’ll have been back to work longer, so hopefully that means I’ll be more adjusted to the schedule and can squeeze in some photo-taking!

5 thoughts on “in between

  1. Your backstitch is beautiful! Good job using your croquis too. I think I want to redo mine because the camera was pointed down instead of straight-on. Maybe draw on some shoes for the pants; that might change the look.


  2. How many pairs of pants have you made? The last pair was the beige ones with the ties right? Those look great on you! Personally straight leg pants do not look good on me. I have to wear boot cut or flair. But that's because my knees do a weird thing and my legs aren't straight. Maybe the waist is too high in your drawings? Just a thought. You KNOW they will look better in real life than the sketch!


  3. Great sketches, the Beignet looks lovely and I really like the middle top! Pants on my croquis also always make it look short-legged and stout, although actually that's a conclusion that I've come to in real life, as well. I've been meaning to try some more close fitting pants this year, we'll see how that goes. Still, I love flowy linen pants for summer! *g*

    Too bad about the onyx sweater pattern – sounds like it may be a mistake in the pattern? Hope you'll figure it out! Purling for rows and rows doesn't sound like fun, and at least for me, my purls are always less tight than my knit stitches…


  4. Ohhh, nice backstitch. I like the drawings-I have yet to make a croquis-and I think it's the lack of shoes bugging you. As Carolyn said above, they are sketched a bit short.

    I am doing Me-Made also…I'll see you there 🙂


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