March in review

Since I’m doing the monthly round-up thing now, figured I’d start the new month off right! So here’s how I did on my goals for March, as stated here….

#1: The Renfrew top–done, great pattern, will definitely use that again sometime.

#2: Finish knitting the Camille shrug–check. And since I had a request from my Onyx sweater partner-in-crime, I did get an action shot of it with the dress at the wedding (this was at the reception, in a side room of the church.) Overall, it worked very well with this dress that I’d originally envisioned it with. (Aside from some fitting issues in the dress bodice itself, which I’m now in the process of resolving since I was apparently too lazy to do it right the first time. Basically, I’m taking in the side seams above the black waistband, stitching it by hand because I have to take apart less of the lining than I would by machine. I need practice on handstitching anyway, right?)

p.s. The sleeves are actually full-length, I just had them pushed up in this picture since it ended up being a bit warmer than I’d anticipated.

#3: Reconstruct that brown suedecloth skirt. Check, although I still need to do something with the lining.

#4: The next step of the Onyx sweater. See previous post for the reason I didn’t finish this. (I have a phone date with my KAL partner tomorrow to see if she can help me figure out what on earth I did wrong.)

#5: Blue corduroy jacket. It’s not quite done, but it’s getting close.

#6: Swatch for my Strafford Tee. I did actually do one earlier this week, and am now debating what to do–according to the swatch, I had about a stitch more per inch than I was supposed to. Which honestly doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, and I might just go with it since I was trying to figure out how to incorporate some more fitting into it anyway. It looks like it’s pretty loose at the waist.  So I guess this confirms that I am a too-tight knitter.Maybe I should just re-knit the swatch and try to relax a bit, since I’m actually using the right yarn for once…

Essentially, though, I got 4 out of 6 done, and the Onyx was pretty much due to circumstances beyond my control. Not too shabby at all!

So here are my goals for this month:

#1: Finish the blue corduroy jacket.

#2: Go through the Jean-ius class that I have from Craftsy. Which will hopefully result in a new, well-fitting pair of jeans!

#3: I’d like to get a quick project in between the jacket and the jeans, since they’re both pretty detail-heavy projects (and that’s been on my mind since reading Tasia’s post last week about how long sewing projects should take.) I’m not entirely sure which one yet, but I’m thinking either Butterick 5606 or a reconstruction project. (I’ve decided to hold off on the knit shirt I already have cut out, since that’s long-sleeved and it’s increasingly unlikely that I’ll get any use out of it in the next several months, by the time I finish. So I may just knock that one out later in the summer when my brain turns to thoughts of preparing for fall.)

#4: Get my Onyx sweater sorted out so I can continue that.

#5: Cast on my Strafford Tee.

#6: Finish putting my fabric swatches in their new notebook.

#7: Make one scrapbook page. Gotta start somewhere if I’m serious about getting myself back into this.

One last note: The patterns have all been claimed. Sarah and Muireann, I’ll get those to you asap.

One thought on “March in review

  1. I love the dress and shrug! Very pretty!
    Good luck with your plans for the month! I also have the Jean-ious class, so I'm watching this space for your experiences with it!


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