I don’t get it.

Dear internet crafting community: 

I meant for this next post to be about sewing. But then I only had enough time yesterday to sew about half of my lining together–I also meant to sew more yesterday, but then I got rear-ended on my way home from the grocery store and that kind of killed my evening. (I’m fine, except for a little soreness in my back, and my car looks to be fine other than two puncture wounds in the bumper. But it still sucked up my time. And will suck up at least a little more, since I need to get my car assessed to make sure the damage is only cosmetic.)

So this post is going to be about knitting again. More specifically, knitting issues that are making me want to pull my hair out! One of my current projects is the Onyx sweater by Heather Dixon. It’s a really interesting pattern that has fun texture contrasts, and a nice opportunity for me to practice cabling when I get to it. I know how to do short rows now, which is also new to me. The part of the pattern that I just don’t seem to get is any time I have to join two sections together in the garter stitch. Because this is what it does:

I don’t know why or how, but every time I do this, it turns into stockinette stitch on me instead of the garter. Which I just don’t understand, because I’m only doing knit stitch. No purling. This particular area is where I was trying to knit across the second section to join the right and left sides of the front together. This is exactly what happened when I was trying to go on the opposite side of the invisible cast-on before. Then, I fake-solved it by adding another row of knitting going from the opposite direction of what the pattern called for, and it was fine. I can’t do that here, since I need to start from the inside and work my way out from another half of the side. I tried dropping stitches and fixing them with the crochet hook, but that was a disaster and I ended up having to rip it back entirely to the split joining point. I also tried flipping the stitches around on the needle, but that didn’t work either. So it looks like my options are to either find directions for this sort of thing, which has not succeeded in either Google or any knitting book in the house, or to switch to purling for the entire left side of this. Which is going to be a pain, confusing, and potentially impossible with that “knit one front then back” increase instruction.

I finally gave up for the night and did a little gauge swatching and some work on a long-neglected scarf instead. (I’m still not quite at the point where I’m comfortable with breaking out the sewing machine while my boyfriend is around, and Thursdays are generally our weeknight to hang out. Thinking I need to get over that, since my distinct lack of sewing time as of late is getting to me.) Even so, it’s really irritating me that I can’t figure out how this is supposed to work. So I humbly ask you, which is any of you reading who has more experience in knitting than me–what’s the deal here?!

Frustratedly yours,


One thought on “I don’t get it.

  1. I'm very sorry, I'm also still a knitting beginner and I have no solution. I've actually had a similar problem in a scarf once, but since it was just the one row, I didn't bother to think about fixing it… It is strange, since I made about 6 of those (scarflets) and it only happend in one of them… Hope you find a solution!


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