An award and a giveaway

Nid de Tissus recently gave me this lovely award– thanks, Donna! And there’s some fun questions to go along with it, so here goes…

Favorite Color: It’s generally a toss-up between blue and green–I love both! I’ve found myself going for teal in my fabric choices quite a lot over the last few years, too. It’s a good compromise between the two!

Favorite Animal: I grew up with both cats and dogs, and am quite fond of both. I also like horses–they’re beautiful creatures.

Favorite Number: 7, I guess. I’m not much into math.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Tea! Finally, a decisive answer.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I have a Twitter, but rarely bother to use it.

My Passion: Music, obviously. And sewing is quite up there!

Getting or Giving Presents: Both. I do enjoy making and giving things to my family and friends, but I do have to admit that getting stuff is pretty fun too!

Favorite Pattern: New Look 6407, aka my go-to blouse pattern that I keep altering into other things. It’s just so versatile!

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday!

Favorite Flower: Sunflowers!

Favorite celebrity role model: To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have one. I tend to just watch the movies and shows/listen to the music I like, and then ignore the actors’ and musicians’ personal lives.

Since I’m supposed to pass this on, I picked a few bloggers whose posts I always enjoy and whom I didn’t mention in the last award. (It’s up to you whether you want to participate or not!)

1. The Girl With The Star-Spangled Heart— Though I’m not really into the vintage sewing scene myself, I always enjoy seeing the outfits, classic movie inspirations, and as of late, her ongoing series on the fashions in Downton Abbey and attempts to bring some of the Crowley sisters’ style into her current wardrobe.

2. Sewn By Alviana— She’s just now getting back into the blogging scene after a (well-deserved and totally understandable) break to have her first daughter. But I’ve long enjoyed reading her upbeat posts! And since she’s from Malaysia, she’ll also sometimes give these neat glimpses into the more traditional outfits from there.

3. fanbloomingtastic— One of the newest additions to my quasi-daily reading list, which I found via this year’s round of Sew Weekly contributors. It’s interesting to read about the life of a U.K. transplant on this side of the pond. And there’s frequent Doctor Who references, which of course makes me like her.

4. 21 Wale— She uses a lot of cool patterns from companies I’m not really that familiar with, particularly in the realm of magazines. And she also makes these amazing kids’ clothes–I’m also impressed that her kids appear to be such willing models!

5. Kelly’s Korner— Her clothes always look so cleanly and professionally finished, and I like that she’s been sharing (and actually making things inspired by) some of her favorite Pinterest finds as of late.

Really, there’s so many fantastic blogs out there, that it’s hard to pick!

And I did promise a small giveaway last time, so here we go!

I was recently cleaning out/organizing my pattern stash. And while I did get rid of a few things that I knew I’d never use again, I found these five that have never been used at all. It seems a shame to throw out uncut patterns, so I’d like to pass them along to someone who might be able to have some fun with them. So here’s the list, with links to larger pics when I can:

1. Burda Young Fashion 8174, in sizes 34-44 European (also listed as 8-18 for the Americans)
2. Simplicity 5505, in sizes 6-12
3. McCall’s 5137, in size 14-20. I know this style hasn’t been seen around for the last couple of years, but it could have potential in alterations, maybe?
4. McCall’s 4873, in sizes 12-18. (This is me finally accepting that empire waist patterns tend to look terrible on me, at least without massive amounts of alterations and a more fitted waist..)
5. McCall’s 5050, in sizes extra-small to medium. (No numbers listed, sorry!)

I realize that not all of these patterns are going to appeal to any one person, so I’m willing to split them up. So if you’d like, leave a comment letting me know which pattern(s) you’re potentially interested in, and if you don’t have a blog I can find you at, an email address would be helpful too. I’ll give you until April 2. (No spam-bots, please… I’ve already gotten 6 or 7 anonymous spammy comments this week, and it’s only Monday! I might have to go back to word verification, or block the legitimate anonymous commenters again…sigh.)

Edit: And this is why I shouldn’t write posts at midnight…I should probably clarify a couple of things about the giveaway. To keep it simple, I’m going to do it first-come, first-serve. Any patterns that are not claimed by April 2 will be Freecycled locally. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “An award and a giveaway

  1. Thanks for the award. Im glad you enjoy reading my blog, as much as i enjoy writing it 🙂

    Would love to join the giveaway, but delivering the pattern oversea will much troublesome for u. Good luck to everyone 🙂


  2. They all look like cool patterns, I wouldn't mind winning any of them! Maybe you can wait until April 2nd and send me whichever one nobody asked for? (I love your new shrug by the way, I'm here via that post. I wish I had your problem though, I always seem to be praying my yarn will last to the end!)


  3. @Sarah McClelland

    It's actually a pattern for a top, but I bet it could make a cute dress if you lengthened the pieces! I'll tag that one for you–if you email me at sunnyb64 at yahoo dot com with your address, I'll get that to you asap!


  4. @Muireann–Thanks for the compliment on the shrug! And other than the one Sarah asked for, you can have the rest if you want–I did say first come first serve! If you contact me at the email address listed in the comment to Sarah with your address, I can get those out to you. 🙂


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