A very browncoat weekend

I have to admit that I was getting a little frustrated last week over being two months into the year and having virtually no finished projects to show for it. (At least, not finished projects that I actually got to keep, other than that one reconstruction.) But it’s ok, because I finished two things over the weekend. And yes, they are both of my brown coats!

First off, the raincoat is now 100% finished. I got my Fashionable Stitch order of replacement eyelets in last week, and hammered them into the belt on Friday, just in time for heading out on the town on a somewhat rainy night. I did my best to get an action shot, since I’d already gotten the main detail pictures, but due to the rather useless clutch purse that I could barely even fit my phone and wallet into, all I had was my flash-less phone. But here’s my attempt anyway, and my apologies for the blurriness. And the darkness. And the fact that you can’t even really see the belt. But I promise you that I’m wearing it! The verdict: it’s not quite as warm as I’d hoped, but it’s still most certainly warmer than my store-bought raincoat that I use in the spring and summer months. So I guess mission accomplished?

I also finished my corduroy jacket over the weekend. It took me some time to figure out the vents in the sleeves, but with a great deal of help from Sigrid’s tutorial, I finally managed to fudge my way through it. Not the best job ever, but hey, couture hand sewing! (It’s there, buried among the interfacing and the frayed edge.)

Today’s my birthday, and I really like to have something new and me-made to wear for that whenever possible. So I basically spent all day yesterday frantically sewing to try to get this done– about 5 hours on the machine to get the lining/facings sewn together and into the jacket, and then another 4 hours hand-sewing the lower hem and the lining and all of the buttons while watching movies with my (very patient) boyfriend. But I finished it! I’ve already worn this two ways–jeans and my new Princess Bride t-shirt for low-key hanging out with my family this afternoon, and paired with tights, boots and this dress for church this morning. (Because, as I put it on Facebook this morning, it’s my party and I’ll wear tropical prints in February if I want to!)

I’m really happy with how this jacket turned out. The fit is great, it’s super-comfortable, and the style details remind me a lot of this other brown corduroy jacket that I had and loved in high school, which was a vintage lighter brown one from the 70s that my mom had sewn for herself. It was a bit too small across the back for me and too short in the sleeves, so I eventually let it go, but the wide collar and patch pockets on this one bring it to mind. I think that the basted fitting method worked really well for this, since the fabric was tough enough to take it, so I’m not sorry that I didn’t make a muslin.

The lining combined with the dark chocolate exterior still reminds me of the packaging for Junior Mints, though!

Don’t you think?

One last note, since several of you commented on my last post about how organized I’m being with the bagged-up projects. Thank you, but this is actually rather unusual for me– I’m generally not a very organized person at all! I’m usually the person who cuts something out and then realizes when I get to that step that I forgot to cut out my interfacing yet again or that I don’t have a zipper or that I forgot to make sure I have the right color of thread or whatever. But I’m trying to plan ahead this time, especially knowing that my sewing time is going to be pretty limited over the next couple of months. I doubt I’ll get any sewing in tomorrow since I’ll have to work and all, but I’m hoping that they won’t need me to come in on Tuesday– all of my students that day have cancelled this week for one reason or another, so that leaves me with basically an entire free day. So I’m hoping to be able to spend it tracing out a couple of things and cutting out several of those projects so they’re all ready to go!

5 thoughts on “A very browncoat weekend

  1. Lovely corduroy jacket! I really like the big collar, and the lining fabric is so pretty! (I like junior mints. 😉 Looking forward to seeing a more detailed picture of the raincoat – yay for finishing it!


  2. Hope you had a Happy Birthday! Beautiful job on the corduroy jacket. The fit is great, and I like the “Junior Mint” lining. 🙂

    Definitely get some more photos of the rain coat so we can see all of the details you slaved over!


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