Well, that was suprising…

I’ve been following the One Pretty Thing blog for awhile, though somewhat inconsistently (because the full text never loads on my Google reader. I hate when sites do that!) But I happened to click through today, and check this out… I made a tutorial on BurdaStyle for the pleated trim I did on this green top 2 springs ago, and there was a link to it on there today! So just wanted to thank them for the shout-out–it’s good to know that someone found it inspiring!

Oh, yeah, I did some sewing today. I know how to fit my jacket. I altered the pattern for the lining. I just haven’t taken pics yet. And I’m getting totally sidetracked by Pinterest, so I don’t think it will happen tonight…


3 thoughts on “Well, that was suprising…

  1. Anoriell

    Oh no! Not another Pinterest addict? ;o) I've managed to stay away, for the most part. Though when I do log onto it, I'm glued to the screen.

    Woohoo on sharing your knowledge through tutorials and being recognized by BurdaStyle for it! Congrats!


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