knitting update (and a surprise)

I’ve been finding it a lot easier to find time to knit than to sew lately. Probably largely because my boyfriend’s and my schedules have worked out over the last month or so that we can find several hours to hang out on Thursday in the late afternoon into the evening. So we’ve been keeping it pretty low-key and basically just cooking dinner and then watching some favorite tv shows or movies. He doesn’t mind my need to keep my hands busy while I’m sitting for long periods of time, and I feel like it’s easier to be social while knitting. At least at the point I’m at on this project. So except for some time yesterday when my best friend was also over and I was resizing some t-shirts on the serger for her, I’ve mostly been just knitting while he’s around.

This is where my Camille Shrug is at right now– the back is completely done for now (until the end when I have to finish the edges with some ribbing), and I’m about 30 or so rows into the first sleeve. It’s pretty brainless for now, just a straight stockinette with a 2-stitch decrease every 10 rows or so. What’s got me a little stumped as I work is that I think I may have to add some length to the sleeve–the largest size has something like a 20.5″ finished length, I’m knitting the smallest size, and from shoulder to wrist, my arm measures at a whopping 24″. (Told you I have monkey arms!) Unless I’m envisioning this completely wrong, since it does look like a long-sleeved shrug on the model. If my measurements are right, the lace chart plus ribbing should end up taking about 8″, which is pretty much elbow to wrist on me. So I guess what I’ll do for now is get it to the point where I’m supposed to start doing the lacy bit again, maybe knit the other sleeve to the same point, and then hold it up and see where it’s at.

I am pretty proud of how the back turned out. Despite all of the counting, this was actually really fun to knit the whole way through. And after the nightmare that was the Cadence chart, I didn’t think that would be possible! But I think it looks really nice so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks once it’s all blocked!

I also made a secret knitting project that I couldn’t write about until now…my boyfriend’s birthday was this past Thursday, and so I made him this as part of his birthday present:

He’s been rather curious about my crafty habits since he found out about them, and has been asking me all sorts of questions about it. And he did mention at one point early last month that he wouldn’t mind if I made him a hat sometime. So I finished this right at the end of January. (After several bouts of basically having to lie to him over the phone about what I was working on. And I am a terrible liar.) It was pretty simple to make, other than just picking that third stripe color in the first place. (His favorite color is green, and he was wearing a black coat a lot at the time, so that was easy. Finding something manly that looked good with those two things was surprisingly hard!) This was the first project where I’ve actually done multiple colors where it wasn’t variagated yarn, and that was surprisingly painless. The hat pattern (the Strib Hat on Ravelry) had a link to a good tutorial for how to start and end the stripes when knitting in the round, so that helped immensely. He was pretty happy with it–he’s been wearing it around every time we’ve been outside since, and wants me to make him a scarf with the leftover yarn (of which I have quite a bit of the brown and green in particular!) I was going to attempt this, but I think that intarsia may be beyond my skills for now, so I think I’ll just do something stripey and basic instead.

He ended up giving me a surprise on Thursday, too. After lots of questions about my various hobbies, I found out that he made me this:

He said he’d wanted to see firsthand what it was I enjoyed about making stuff, and figured attempting jewelry would be easier than, say, getting his hands on a sewing machine and trying something with that. So he found one of the simpler-looking projects with instructions on the Fire Mountain website, got the materials it called for, and gave this a go. He admitted that he was pretty frustrated while he was working on it, and said this isn’t going to become a regular hobby for him, but that he definitely felt a sense of satisfaction when it was done! I’ve never had a guy make anything crafty for me before, so I thought that was pretty sweet!


8 thoughts on “knitting update (and a surprise)

  1. I am completely with you on finding more time for knitting than sewing. Its a very nice way to keep busy while also spending time with people and relaxing. I love that hat and the Camille Shrug is looking amazing!


  2. Anoriell

    How charming of him! That man is a thoughtful darling. I wonder what he is planning for your upcoming b-day … ;o)

    The shrug is looking good. You seem to be enjoying the lacework. Great! We'll need to find a lacework-based KAL someday. Hehe.

    And I agree … the choice of colors for the tuque are ::two thumbs up::.


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