Things left unblogged

Warning: This is going to be a rather picture-heavy post.

My raincoat has a sleeve now! Which I forgot to waterproof after I got done teaching last night like I’d meant to. I got sidetracked by finishing up the last two rows on the chart for the back of my shrug that I’m knitting, and swatching for another upcoming project. So I guess I’ll have to do that today, and not sew on this. (It doesn’t really have a lining in there yet, I just stuck it on the hanger with it so I could get an idea of what it looks like.)

And since there’s not much more to say about that, I remembered that there are some things I’ve done more recently that I haven’t written about yet. So I’m just going to put these up now.

#1: Yes, I know it’s February, but I’m going to post about a Christmas ornament anyway!

The backstory: For the last few years, an out-of-town married couple that I’m friends with has hosted a game party around New Year’s–basically, lots of board or card-type games and usually some kind of movie or tv-show watching that has some kind of geeky twist to it. (This year, it was a bunch of episodes of The Big Bang Theory.) And one of the first years, the guy closed the email invite with comparing Sauron (the big flaming eyeball bad guy from Lord of the Rings) to Santa, because they’re both always watching. So that became kind of a running joke. This year, I had the thought one day while I was bored at work that this could become a pretty funny ornament. So I approached my best friend (who is also friends with them) with the proposal, and we agreed that I’d paint the ornaments, and she’d crochet the hats. (I made 3, because of course we each wanted one too.) Since we rode up to their house together, we had some pretty amusing moments of me gluing the hats to the balls in the car and hanging them from the rearview mirror to dry! Our friends thought it was hilarious, and so this is Sauron Claus hanging proudly near the top of their tree at the party.

#2: I’m easing myself back into scrapbooking, after basically not doing it for a couple of years. Admittedly, these aren’t my most creative pages ever, and I certainly wouldn’t win any prizes for them. But hey, they’re done! Most of these fall into the category of “I just want to get something done so I’m just going to write on these pages that I’d already glued pictures to awhile ago and call it finished.”

And you can’t even see the writing on most of these, but since it’s been sitting unfinished in the album for awhile, it’s still better than nothing! I did have fun with making the wavy paper shapes on this one to kind of go along with the way the wall was painted in the restaurant, though.

Easiest page ever, and one that was truly made recently. I just slapped the pictures from the manicures we got for a friend’s wedding, oh, 4 1/2 years ago onto a piece of patterned paper and just wrote on it. I don’t know why I kept putting this off.

This one had been mostly done awhile ago, except for one thing…

See that writing? Yeah, bubble letters that I colored around with a black marker on top of the paper that was already there. I don’t know why I didn’t finish that one 3 years ago, either.

The actual layout took some effort, due to all of the little photos….the writing falls into the category of “it’s getting kind of late and I don’t feel like taking the time to type this and choose a font and print it and everything.” Honestly, I’m thinking I’ll just have to transfer all of my fonts to my laptop, because the printer is in the kitchen, and then I can just sit next to it and feed paper into it to print things. I’d be so much more productive that way.

I’m a little more proud of this one, from a concert I went to back in 2008. Same deal, just writing on the paper myself, but the gold pen makes it more fun.

And I did enjoy doodling on the patterned paper some to go along with that paisley printed scrap of paper that already had the gold on it.

I do have another page about halfway done, but this one actually will need stuff printed on the computer before I can glue it all down. Ok, so I have several pages about halfway done, but at least I’m starting to get some work done on them now!

Aside from the laptop for writing, I’m hoping this will help…one of my major deterrents has been that my scrapbook stuff is mostly put away, so every time I want to work on it, I have to haul a bunch of stuff out and figure out what I want to use and then put everything else away and then put what I actually did use away and it just takes so much time. I like things I can just pick up and work on. But when I was out running errands with my mom recently, we stopped at AC Moore and she found these little totes on clearance. It has all of these pockets and even a pull-out drawer at the bottom, so I can store a good number of the most basic tools I use (other than my computer for typing, obviously.)

See that box? That’s about 2 years’ worth of photos that I recently got printed. And that’s not counting all of the photos from the 2-3 years before that where I either only halfway did a page or just stuck some paper with it to do later or never started at all. Kind of overwhelming, isn’t it? But since the stuff is here now, that will make it easier to start chipping away at these and actually get some more albums done. If I can ever sort out once and for all whether it would be better to organize everything after my last fully completed album chronologically or by broader categories. (My last fully completed album stops at the end of spring 2006. And there’s so many holes in the chronology from photos I never finished–or started–that I’d thought categories might make it easier. Either way, I have my work cut out for me, now that I’ve actually been in the mood to work on this again!)


2 thoughts on “Things left unblogged

  1. oh i love scrap booking. yours look great! very inspiring. i just start a project about my newborn. but since the supplies is not that much in my local market, i can only do a digital project.


  2. Anoriell

    Woohoo for Sauron Claus! Can I place an order for Christmas 2012? Name your price. Hehe. Or we can barter. ;o)

    I really like it though. Well done.

    And hurray for getting back into scrapbooking!


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