Ok, I feel better now.

 This was the view outside today. How very monochromatic.

And I needed a break from the raincoat anyway, even though this would have been a really good day to have the finished product!

This was one of the tops I found on my thrift store run over the weekend. There were a lot of things I liked about it–the colorful embroidery, the funky hemline…

But I wasn’t a huge fan of the shoulder ruffle. So I decided to take care of that today, now that the first step (washing and pre-shrinking the shirt) was done. Besides, the machine was already threaded with the right color anyway!

It was a pretty simple fix. I just picked it apart, and repinned it so all of the raw edges were on the inside, and then sewed it back up. And I ended up taking it in a couple of inches on each side of the top, too.

And I ended up with this much cuter tank top, which I am looking forward to wearing once the weather gets warm! (Or maybe sooner with my big chunky brown hoodie sweater, if I get really tired of winter clothes…)

So I’m feeling better now. I don’t have to delegate this to the reconstruction pile, I got to make something cute and summery to throw in winter’s face, and I actually finished a project. The latter being what was getting to me the most. So with that done, I was able to psych myself up to go back to the raincoat.

I sewed on the belt loops tonight, and worked on underlining the front. A complicated process, since I could neither pin nor baste one of the edges. I think topstitching will be in this coat’s future.

But I did go ahead and baste it, well inside the seam allowance, on the raw edges. I was considering just leaving the front without it, but I think I need it to give the eventual buttons and buttonholes a little more stability. Especially since I’ve been using the leftovers of this as interfacing anyway, as well as underlining.

So this is kind of what the coat looks like now, sans sleeves and without the front properly finished. I have to figure out the lining issue before I can do that. And, well, probably iron this thing if I can. It’s gotten kind of wrinkled from being folded up in a bag along with the rest of the pieces, unfortunately. (Also, please ignore my closet. Having the curtain drawn back was the only way I could hang it to try and let it unwrinkle some.)


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