And the raincoat saga continues…

I think I’m going to be forced to take a break from it soon, though. I literally have nowhere to leave it to dry after I waterproof again, because the basement is entirely torn to pieces.

So this was my process yesterday:

1. Get the shoulder seams and one half of the sleeve seams sewed/finished, a process that took much longer than it should have due to my lack of ability to press this fabric/having to paperclip instead of pin and the paper clips keep falling off/getting rather distracted by catching up on Downton Abbey. 

2. Spend the next hour or so cutting out scraps of flannel to interface the bands that go around the sleeves/stitching those together/trimming and attempting to flip the first one, only to find that I layered it wrong and the flannel would be completely on the outside. Oops.

3. Take a break to do some teaching and throw together some chili for dinner/crafty evening planned with my best friend.

4. Painstakingly rip out the trimmed band, only to think near the end, “Do I really want to put more holes for the belt loops in this fabric that I’m going to have to waterproof, just for a band that’s probably going to be really uncomfortable when worn over bulky colder-weather clothes?”

5. Ditch the sewing altogether and go knit instead.

Yeah…..maybe a forced break will be good. Can’t work on it today anyway, because I’m off to the thrift store with some friends!


2 thoughts on “And the raincoat saga continues…

  1. Projects where you learn along the way tend to be the most rewarding. I'm sure the raincoat will be worth all of the work.

    Water proofing never even crossed by mind! I don't know why I never thought about jackets needing it. Can't wait to see it finished. 🙂


  2. Some projects do turn out to be quite frustrating, don't they? I'm sure you can look forward to feeling very triumphant once you managed to finish your raincoat! 🙂

    Have you ever tried to sew without pinning? I've been doing it like that with most seams and fabrics, as long as there's no gathering/easing in (so not for setting in sleeves or neckbands/collars). Usually works pretty well, even with knits.

    Have fun thrifting!


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