Two things:

#1: Figured I should update on the knitting. Here’s where it’s at, around 37/54 rows of the back. (I know the picture looks a little weird and ghostly, due to the white quilt back that I had it sitting on….but hey, you can see the details!) Aside from it being at the point where I can’t knit this and watch tv or listen to music with lyrics that grab my attention because there’s too much counting involved, I think it’s going pretty well! (I’m really, really glad I had the Cadence sweater to practice those diamond-like patterns on.)

#2: In the interest of stashbusting, I went through my two bins of clothes that I had to reconstruct in some way or other, and ruthlessly culled out about half of it to take to the thrift store. So now I have it down to one bin. One very full, overstuffed bin that is still hard to fit on the shelf. But at least I was able to move it to a lower shelf, so I don’t have to stand on a chair and potentially throw out my back every time I want to grab it. Yeah, I need to get on actually making some of those. And now if I see anything really cool that needs some tweaking when I visit Goodwill this week, I can justify it!

That”s all. For now. Back to sewing.


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