Dear sewing, I miss you….

I literally have not done a thing related to sewing since last Wednesday, when I traced out the pattern for my raincoat. Between work, multiple eye doctor appointments for a minor emergency, practices and performances for a concert at my church, a cookie bakefest with my sis-in-law, and trying to get things ready for a family gathering of most of my female cousins today, I just haven’t had time to. And it’s starting to make me a bit twitchy.

I did manage to get in some knitting time, at least, during those later-night hours when trying to figure out sewing directions is a bad idea but I can do nothing-but-knit-stitch just fine and brainlessly. So the Cadence sweater now has one sleeve done, and the second sleeve started. I tried it on the other night, and learned that I probably should have done more decreases in the body. It’s going to be pretty big. But at this point, rather than re-knit it, I think I’m just going to run with it, knit it longer, and wear it with my one pair of skinny jeans. I was commenting the other day that I needed some longer warmer stuff to wear with those anyway. And even though it’s alpaca and acrylic, maybe the blocking will help.

So at least I haven’t been entirely uncreative. And I’m glad that I took up knitting this year for that very reason. But I still miss sewing.

Maybe once Christmas is over…


2 thoughts on “Dear sewing, I miss you….

  1. My involuntarily break from sewing is due to the flu :(. At least I finished all my Christmas sewing, but I don't know if I'll be allright enough to hand the gifts out.

    Let's hope for a very creative 2012, and sometimes it is OK that life gets in the way, I think.


  2. Ah, you have my commiserations. 🙂 I'm visiting my parents right now, and even though my sister's sewing machine is here, it's on the second floor in my old bedroom, so it's a very unsocial activity. I'm glad for the knitting, which I can do in the sitting room while everyone is down here talking or watching tv…


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