Reconstructing a reconstruction

About 3 years ago, I took a velvety dress from Goodwill and chopped it off to make a quick top to wear for Christmas Eve services. I’ve barely worn it since–I was never fully satisfied with the look of it. So I finished re-reconstructing it last night–I’ve been slowly poking at it in between sewing Christmas gifts, painting ornaments, and knitting away on my Cadence sweater.

I accidentally deleted most of my in-progress photos before a party, so this will have to do. Basically, I took off the black ribbon, and then cut the shirt around the same point because of course there was a mark from the stitching. I had to take in those princess seams a bit too on both the top and bottom, because it was still a bit on the overly loose side.

I cut some strips from the remaining portion of the original dress, used the newly-taken-in top portion as a guideline for how wide to make each segment, and did some gathering where I joined them to add some interest/conceal the oddness of having a princess-seamed waistband. (Incidentally, don’t look inside the shirt here–it’s not finished well at ALL, but I’m not going to let it bother me for this one.)

I think it’s an improvement over that black band. And done just in time for when I need a solid green shirt for Sunday. No pictures of it on me right now–I’ve been condemned to glasses for the week, since I somehow managed to scratch my eye or something from sitting at the computer with my contacts in and blinking funny. And I’m ridiculously nearsighted, so either I’d be squinting funny, or just look funny period. (I hate the way I look in my glasses, honestly.)

Next up on the sewing agenda: the raincoat! My plan is to trace it out today, since I’m having one of those off-from-the-part-time days and only have a couple of lessons to teach later on. And I’ll be test-fitting it with the fabric that I’m actually planning on underlining the lining with. It’s less wasteful that way, and I don’t feel bad about marking up or piecing together bits of flannel that won’t be seen.

I’d also like to work some more on the sweater, since I’m about 3-4 rows away from finishing the decrease section. I think I’m going to try it on after that, and then start working on the sleeves so I can make sure I can get those long enough to fully cover my arms before I determine how long to make the torso. I’m hoping to knock it off quickly, ideally by the end of the year, because I’m thinking ahead to yet another cousin’s wedding that will be coming up at the end of March. I don’t have to sew a dress this time, thankfully, because I think this one will fit the occasion and season just fine. But I would like to knit a shrug to go with it, since the end of March is still kind of cold for sleeveless. I’m thinking this one, which I’ve been eyeing ever since I bought that magazine just after I started knitting, in black. I just need to figure out what sort of yarn to use, since the called-for yarn is way too expensive and not in black anyway. I’m kind of eyeing this–I’ve had to handle 100% cashmere before and it was ok, though not great, so I think I can take a chance on 5%. And the silk will make it a bit warmer too. And I know I’m good with cotton. The price is still a bit higher than I’d like, but at least black is a very versatile color for my wardrobe, so it’s not like it would just get worn once. But I’m going to sit on that for a little bit, and see if I can find some time to run to the local yarn store and see what they have. After all, I still need to finish Cadence first.


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