The Licorice dress!

A little later than I wanted to post it….but I got the belt kit in earlier this week, and since my retail job is currently so slow that I got sent home early, I made that this afternoon. So now I can post the whole thing at once.

The dress came together really quickly. I altered the pattern and cut it out on Wednesday, and basically sewed it together over the course of the next three days between bouts of having to work and family gatherings. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, all I had left to do was the outer hem (which I decided to handsew since it would look nicer) and adding that hook and eye that I always procrastinate on, so I took some time off for knitting instead. (Well, that and Thanksgiving Dinner #2 with my mom’s family.) And this was even with me adding some extra steps, like making sure that I finished all of the seams and underlining the sleeves. So I did the hem on Sunday, and as already stated, I just finished the belt. I wasn’t sure how it would work with the satin, because it seemed to be a bit heavier than what the Colette book recommended, but I think it turned out well!

A few details….

Here’s a closeup of the neckline and collar. Since I’m generally not a solids girl (if you’ve been reading this for any length of time, you probably figured that out on your own!) I’m really glad it has the contrast of texture to break up the monochromaticism.

Incidentally, I wish I’d had this pattern a few years ago when I was making that horrible dress to wear to my brother’s wedding. Because if you take the collar and sleeves off, this is essentially the dress I was trying to make! And this one was soooooooo much easier to fit!

Since the lining was the one thing I had to buy, and I knew I wanted to use the nicer Bemberg rayon lining so I could also underline the sleeves to soften them up, I had to improvise a bit. Joann’s didn’t have anything remotely close to the green, so I went with the ivory and added the lace at the bottom to make it look kind of like a slip. I also used the lace hem tape on this, so I could avoid folding the satin over for the hem and having the extra bulk showing outside when I pressed it. I may have to spring for the nice lining every time I make a dress now–I definitely saw a difference between this and the polyester stuff!

And here’s this afternoon’s work. I’m glad this is a purely decorative and not so much a functional belt. Though the instructions on the package were very clear, my execution wasn’t so great. It probably doesn’t help that the brocade has a tendency to fray like crazy. And I didn’t have quite the right tools to set the eyelets, so I winged it as best as I could with what I have, and I just hope the eyelets stay in and don’t snag on the dress. I am proud of how I lined the brocade pattern up on the belt, though. And I’m also glad I had the opportunity to practice this before I attempt the one I want to make for the raincoat that will be coming up.

I’ll see what I can do about getting an action shot at the party–it’ll be more effective that way anyway. Hopefully I can figure out how to get my late 60s-70s-esque straight, long hair into something more late 50s-early 60s style! This pretty much confirms to me that the Colette Handbook was a good buy. To be honest, this was the style I figured I’d be least likely to sew when I got it. Oh, the irony.

And on a completely different note, here’s the progress on my Cadence sweater. The sleeves are separated now, I’ve knit a few rows down from that, and it’s actually starting to look like something resembling a garment!


6 thoughts on “The Licorice dress!

  1. Wow, the dress turned out really pretty! I love understated elegance of the textured collar! The lining looks so luscious with the lace bottom and the lace hem! (I'll have to find out where to get Bamberg rayon. Heard so much good about it but can't find it over here!)

    Cadence is looking good!


  2. I love the details in the lining, The lace looks so pretty! I think the belt turned out nicely, and like the texture contrast with the fabric choices. Definitely get pictures at the party! It sounds like a lot of fun. What kind of shoes do you have?


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