The days of small things

I finally finished this little keyhole scarf today, to go along with the handwarmers I made for my friend Shantelle. It completely used up the rest of the yarn, which is nice. And I like how having to go with two half-skeins of the self-striping yarn enabled me to make the stripes symmetrical here, too.  It’s nice to get this done.

The Cadence is coming along. I’ve got about 10 rows left to knit before the sleeve increases are done and I can be on the current knitalong step. (Hopefully I can catch up before Kristin posts the next one!)

I’ve also been making some progress on my little mending binge. So here’s what I’ve done so far:

I shortened this skirt from this weird lower-calf length to this much nicer around-the-knee one.

I stitched down the facings on this top so they’d stop popping out and being generally annoying.

I sewed along the topstitching above the buttons on the teal skirt I recently made so it would fit a little better, and finally added the hook-and-eye.

I resized a skirt that a friend recently gave me because she couldn’t wear it (pics to come), and fixed a little bit of trim that was coming unstitched from a random knit top.

I added some topstitching to fix the zipper that was tearing out of my weekender bag, and sewed a button back onto my self-stitched jeans jacket.

The repair that made me the saddest so far: that laptop bag that I only made, oh, 3 1/2 months ago and have only actually carried around about twice. (It generally hangs out next to my bed to house my laptop, since my primary computer is still my desktop with the much greater photo/music storage capacity.) I have no idea how it happened, because I stitched the heck out of this, but one side of the webbing pretty much frayed into oblivion and the D-ring was literally hanging by a thread. So I had to buy an entirely new piece of webbing, and I was very careful to seal up both cut ends before sewing it this time. I’m also a little sad that I had to stitch it through the facing and lining, because it doesn’t look nearly as nice…. I just hope it holds this time.


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