Not sew interesting, but…

Based on other blogs I’ve read, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way: Sewing is a hobby. Mending is a chore. But I guess sometimes it’s necessary to actually fix the stuff I have rather than sew something entirely new.

See this? This is my mending pile. And it’s not even quite accurate anymore, because I discovered while I was out today that the jacket I was wearing had a button in the pocket, which had apparently fallen off the front months ago and I never bothered to sew it back on.

Actually, this wasn’t entirely accurate to begin with. One of the things I did over the weekend was to go through all of my clothes that are actually out to see what needed to be fixed, and how. So this is actually just all of my colder weather stuff that needs mending. Which means there’s probably a bunch of other stuff under my bed that needs it, too.

So this is going to be my project for the next week and a half or so. I’m quasi-unemployed right now– every November, the retail job I have basically shuts down for a couple of weeks, just like it does over the winter. So I’m trying to use the extra time wisely and knock some things off of my to-do list that have been here for awhile. Some of these fixes are really small, like a little tear in the side seam. And some of these are going to take a little longer– like this shirt that I drafted a little too big to begin with, and all of the interfacing washed out of the diagonal seams and it sags a lot, so it basically needs to be entirely reconstructed. Or this skirt (plus another me-made that predates the blog, so I don’t think I have a pic on here) that is bias-cut and so the waist just seems to grow every single year. I want to get it stabilized once and for all! I have a thrifted jacket (that pretty green thing on top) where I have to replace 13 buttons, because one of them is broken and there were no spares in there, and the buttons are a little weird looking with it anyway. (Oh, and I have to fabric-coat my own buttons, because Joann’s didn’t have 13 of anything that was large enough, let alone remotely went with it!) And so on. I don’t know if I’ll share everything, but since some of these will involve some extent of reconstruction, I’ll probably at least share those.

Also, in the spirit of getting things done, I made these yesterday:

Just some very simple sachets, cut from old test muslins and stuffed with herbs, for things like the bottom of my laundry bin and the little bins that hold my socks and sweaters and such. They’re certainly not quality craftsmanship. The fabric is off-grain, the stitching is totally wonky, and you know what? I don’t care. Because these are buried underneath my clothes and no one will see them, except for me and anyone who’s actually reading this post. Once they stop smelling nice, I’m probably just going to toss them in the compost bin. And I’ve had those bags of herbs sitting in my room for a year, waiting for me to actually sit down and do it. I just wanted it off the list. So there!

One last thing– thanks for all of the encouragement on the sweater in the last post! And for the comments on the shirt, too. I don’t know if this necessarily means that red and mustard is going to be something I start incorporating into my wardrobe more…after all, my hair has a tendency to go red, and I like to encourage that, and wearing red makes it look brown. The update on the sweater is that I knocked a few more rows out last night, and may do a few tonight. It’s all knit all the time right now, so theoretically, I should be pretty much good to go until I get to where the sleeves need to split off. (At least, once I got past the first row– between that lifeline I added and how tightly I knit, getting that first row knit was sooooooo hard! The needle would hardly even go into the stitches!)


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