So why did I start knitting again?

Another pictureless post. I just need to rant.

I thought this sweater was going better this time. I spent basically every free hour I’ve had this week re-knitting everything I did since this knitalong started about a month and a half ago. And then tonight, I got to the decreases. And for some reason, the second body and sleeve section has way more stitches than the first. So I have to rip things out. Again. I’ve taken it back 3 1/2 rows so far and it’s still wrong. And my yarn is starting to get all fuzzy and stick together, and I can barely get the needle in there to undo the stitches because I knit so tightly. And if I have to rip this out and start it a third time, I’m going to be REALLY upset.

I’m honestly beginning to think that maybe I wasn’t ready for something as big as a sweater.

So why did I decide to give knitting another go?

Oh, yeah. I wanted sweaters.



6 thoughts on “So why did I start knitting again?

  1. I do have trouble finding nice store-bought sweaters that work for me, though. My arms are on the long side so the sleeves are often short on me, and I'm extremely sensitive to wool. That was one of the main driving forces for me in trying this again– wanting to have sweaters that actually cover my wrists in fibers that I can wear without breaking out in a rash! (other than acrylic, which often the acrylic ones just aren't nice-feeling.)


  2. I still haven't attempted anything more complicated than mitts and scarves (although I'm getting the hang of lace patterns, I think). I'm so sorry for your troubles with the sweater, it sounds terribly frustrating! Do you work with stitch markers? I haven't ever, but they sound like a good way of keeping track… Good luck, I hope you'll figure out your mistake without having to unravel too much!


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