Finally, a new FESA project!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I didn’t have time to take any pics until well after dark, and I just could not get an un-blurred one of the skirt as a whole. So Monday it is. I’m wearing this right now. This probably isn’t the best top to be pairing it with, but I usually tend to wear things un-tucked and I wanted the fun waistband details to actually show. I’m also wearing this with my black military-style jacket, since it’s kind of cold now, but obviously then you can’t see the skirt so well.

Since the weather here completely unseasonably sucked on Saturday, effectively cancelling any potential plans I had, I stayed indoors and sewed all day. And finally finished this skirt. (Though I really wasn’t expecting it to take as much of the day as it did!)So here’s my quick n’ dirty review of Burda 4/09 #101: I’m a little disappointed in the fit of it– I pin-basted the skirt when I was working on it last week and marked where it fit perfectly, but I guess the fabric stretched, because after it was all sewn together, it ended up a little loose. I think it would be more comfortable if it sat just a little higher on my hips, but I can deal. Now that I think about it, it might help if I tack the very top above the buttons. That doesn’t have to be functional since it has a side zipper, and I’m thinking that when I had it pinned, I must have had that part pinned a little more snugly because the buttonholes weren’t cut yet.

I do love the color of it, and the suede-like texture. And the pockets, though I wish they’d press a little flatter at the top. I’ll keep trying. (They are rather useful in that they’re the perfect size to fit my phone!) I like the style of it too. And I think I would use this pattern again, though with some definite tweaking in the fit. I’ll just have to find things to tuck into it to show off the waist details. Maybe my Sorbetto? I wish I had a shorter grey cardigan to throw on with it…

I probably would have gotten this together a lot faster, except I lined it and that added quite a bit more time to what otherwise would have been a fairly simple skirt. For one thing, I drafted the lining myself. And, well, when I draft things, it never goes right. All I did for this one was to overlap the pattern pieces to take out the seam allowances, trace, and then take a facing-sized-minus-seam-allowance chunk out of the top. Even so, the lining ended up too big and I had to chop about 2″ out of each piece. I’m glad I finally got it working in the end, because I think it makes the skirt so much nicer to wear. And perhaps easier, given that the fabric seems clingy. Plus solid-colored things are more fun with print linings, IMO.

In knitting news, I’ve hit a bit of a snag on my Cadence sweater…


I was working on the last row of the chart last night, and most of the pattern looks like this. (Which, as far as I know, is what it’s supposed to look like.)

But then I discovered that two of the diamonds look like this. Which, at least to my eye, is pretty obviously wonky.

I have this great book called Knit Fix (or something along those lines) that taught me how to fix a mistake in the pattern vertically, that has already saved me frustration on several occasions. Unfortunately, the concept doesn’t seem to work quite as well for fixing things with decreases. I think I made this one worse.

So I’m waiting to hear back from Kristin (the “Knitter” for Newbie and the Knitter) on if there’s a good way to fix this….but I may have to just unravel this. It’s kind of discouraging, and something that’s a little difficult to reconcile myself to to from my seamstress perspective. Yes, I mess up my sewing, but there’s usually a way to, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, “make it work”. It’s very rare that I have to just toss the whole thing and start from scratch, you know?

I’m honestly thinking that it might be easier to just unravel the whole thing and start over, rather than unknit stitch by stitch to whatever row in the chart I started screwing up here. I’m assuming the chart may go faster now that I’ve knit my way through it once, and unpicking this will take hours. I’m not even sure it’s possible to do it and get the right stitch count, with all of those yarnovers and knit 2 togethers and stuff…. I’m too new at this.

So, while I wait for that, happier sewing thoughts instead. Today’s non-work projects (other than my continued hunt for a new part-time job with more hours–thus the reason I’m posting during the day so much lately) include switching out the last of my more summery clothes, because I’ve been digging something out from under my bed every day lately just to find something long-sleeved to wear. But if I have time, I’m hoping to make some refashion progress. And I’m thinking the next thing on the sewing table is going to be that knit print I pulled out for my FESA. Though I probably won’t be able to touch that until Wednesday.


8 thoughts on “Finally, a new FESA project!

  1. Bummer about the sweater. 😦 I've had to do that before — small mistakes I will ignore and keep going, but I've gotten way off-pattern and had to take out rows and rows. I try to use life lines if I'm doing something lacy or with lots of increases/decreases that make it hard to fix vertically (google 'knitting life lines' if you've never done it before — they're a sanity saver!).

    LOVE the skirt! The color, the texture, the cut — your design choices are just perfect and it looks great!


  2. Love the colour and the texture of the skirt. I have that magazine here and I've been eyeing that skirt, so your input is valuable. The thing that stops me is that I have so many me-made skirts and not many tops, so I'm focusing on tops now.


  3. Ruth

    I have the opposite feeling about sewing and knitting. In sewing once the fabric is cut there is no going back. You may make it work – or you may end up with something that uses half a yard when you started out with two, and the other yard and a half gets binned. In knitting you can always retrieve the situation and start over. I like that!


  4. Pretty! I love the color of the skirt and the button detail on the waistband! Too bad about the sweater. I'm currently knitting a scarf with a similar lace pattern (the friendship scarf on ravelry) and made similar mistakes. I had to unravel three or four rows, but it wasn't too bad. I kept the mistake on the border where I mistook two stitches for purls – I only noticed it like 10 rows up and wasn't in the mood to unravel… 😉 Good luck with fixing your mistakes!


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