a bag for a friend

I finally got a decent amount of sewing time in yesterday. It had been awhile, since the last week has been mostly making preparations/driving around for/recovering from another whirlwind weekend trip. This one was much further away and not the sort that I could bring anything crafty with me, either. Fortunately, since I’d already gotten all of the quilting in last week and found about an hour to assemble the strap on Tuesday night, this bag came together really quickly. (Which is good, because I’m getting really anxious to make some progress on my Fall Essentials list again!)

So this is the bag I made for Jolene. It’s out of the same pattern as my “Autumn in Asia” bag, though a little bigger since I accidentally skipped the part about trimming the overall size down after quilting the fabric…oops. Picking out the fabric was a bit of a fun process–she told me what sort of colors and prints she likes, I took a bunch of pictures on my phone of every print I thought might fit those ideals while I was at Joann’s one day, and showed them to her the next time I saw her at church. So the main fabric of this bag is the one she liked best, and then I chose the red and green to match. (She’d specifically mentioned a red interior with this fabric, and I think the overal brownish tone helps to keep it from looking too Christmas-y!)

Here’s the back, with a patch pocket….

…and an inside shot.

So that’s that. I’m perfectly happy to go back to selfish sewing for awhile, and have already traced out the Burda pattern for the teal skirt. I also attempted to draft a lining pattern for it, so we’ll see how that goes. Pattern drafting is definitely not my strong point!

I’ve also been plugging away a bit at the chart section of the Cadence sweater. I think I’m about a third of the way through. So far so good, though I haven’t gotten to the decreases yet.

And I’ve been thinking that it might be fun to start showing my me-made items in real life more often, since I tend to lose the willpower for daily outfit photos really quick during the Me-Made or Self-Stitched challenge months. But I still love the concept behind them. So since it gives a more accurate sense of the yarn colors anyway, here’s a shot of my Counterpoint Hat from the weekend:

All along, I’d envisioned having this done in time for this particular road trip, since I was planning on taking a more scenic route home via Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. I didn’t have time to go through as much of the park since I’d hoped since I got there later than expected and the sun was going down. When I entered the park, I was just wearing it for fun, but by the time I got to here, I was glad that I had a hat. It was getting kind of windy and making it much colder!


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