Maybe it’s not quite as done as I thought…

Figured since I had some pics of it, I should show how the dress works in real life! This was at a friend’s wedding I attended today, along with three of my long-time friends. I think it looks pretty good in the pics, and I did get several compliments on the dress. But I did discover that there’s a bit of an issue with it, that I need to figure out how to fix. Preferably without having to disassemble the entire thing.

So here’s the deal: since the fabric is a 2-way knit (which the pattern did specifically call for), despite the fact that it fit on Wednesday when I finish it and it has just been sitting rather securely on Donna with her textured fabric-grabbing blue coating until this morning, the dress got a bit stretched out on the top again. I guess the somewhat fortunate thing is that I noticed it before I left the house, and was able to make it work for today by pinning it to my bra in several places. (The very front is fine, but it’s sagging out a bit under the arms again, and the weight of the skirt pulls it down in the back so that the bra shows when it’s unpinned.) I should probably get some pictures of that, but didn’t think too before I changed after getting home earlier this evening. I’d like to make this a little more easy to wear, so I don’t have to go using a half-dozen safety pins every time I want to put it on. So here’s what I’m thinking my options are:

a. Use the scraps to construct a kind of half-camisole sort of thing to wear underneath, and leave the dress alone.

b. Sew some elastic into the sides and back to create a sort of “waist stay” effect, which would hopefully still be comfortable but keep it from sagging.

c. Deconstruct the bodice and take the sides in more. Since this would involve removing topstitching/ facings/a lining/the elastic it took me about 3 attempts to get in/possibly part of the skirt, re-gathering, and re-stay taping, obviously I’d like to avoid this if possible. It would probably honestly be easier to just remake the dress entirely.

So I figured I’d tap into the collective genius of the sewing blog community and see if maybe there’s some other options I’ve missed, or anyone who’s had a situation like this with an idea for how to fix it. I’d definitely appreciate any help you can give me, because I am so ready to really be done with this project!


4 thoughts on “Maybe it’s not quite as done as I thought…

  1. Gail, for some reason your comment isn't showing up, but I got an email notification….yes, the front is stay-stitched. I think it got trimmed off in the back, but when I fixed the facings earlier last week, I staytaped the entire bodice up to the shoulder bits in the front. My only guess is maybe I accidentally stretched it out again when I was stay-taping it, because I tried it on before I did that and the excess I showed in the last post was completely gone. The annoying thing is, I hand-sewed it specifically to minimize stretching!


  2. How lined is the inside? I would go with some form of waist stay and maybe some way of taking in- perhaps without having to take the whole thing apart?
    It looks great on you- it would be worth the work!


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