Never thought I’d have to make THAT adjustment…

When I started this dress, I’d figured I’d just adjust as I go since knits are more forgiving than wovens. I was debating between sizes 12 and 14, and finally decided to go with the 14 because it looked pretty fitted–I didn’t want it to be too tight up top.

So instead, when I pinned in the zipper and tried it on, the bust part was super-saggy. Like 80-year-old-woman saggy! So I had to wing something I never thought I’d have to do– a small(er) bust adjustment! (And here I haven’t even mastered the FBA that I usually have to go for…)

I didn’t want to take the sides apart since it was already topstitched and stay-taped and everything. So I ended up taking a pretty huge chunk out of the front seams–well over an inch–and tapering it towards the side and center twist. I also took about an inch off of each side in the center back.

I think it fits much better now! Still a bit slouchy across the front, but it’s supposed to look gathered, so it’s ok.

And the back, which still needs adjusting for the back shoulder bit, but I’ll do that later after the skirt’s on and I have a bit of a better idea of how much that’s going to weigh things down.

Moral of the story: Next time I make something out of a two-way stretch knit, I should probably go with the smaller size, huh?

p.s. I’m drawing the giveaway winner tomorrow–you’ve still got a few more hours if you want to enter!


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