Giveaway winner!

First off, it was really fun to read the responses to what you’re all making this season! Lots of knitting and dress-making and cozy home dec stuff going on. I also learned about several blogs that I hadn’t seen before, so just wanted to say hi to the people who commented who are new to me!

And now, on to the giveaway. In the interest of full disclosure, even though there were 15 comments altogether, I set it between 1 and 13– one person opted out, and a second person commented twice to add in what she’s most excited about making for the fall. I don’t know if changed their page setup or what, but I could NOT find the code to post the widget on here after drawing the number! So I had to do this whole screencap/save as picture thing, and hopefully it will work.

And the winner is…

Gail! She chose the BMV pattern club site. Gail, I’ll be in touch with you shortly, and congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who played along!


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