green stuff

Not the most creative title, but that’s what I’ve been working on this weekend.

This was last night’s project. I have yet another wedding to go to later this fall, and the shower is next Friday. I wasn’t going to be able to go at first due to a mixup in the invitations that meant I didn’t get it before I made other plans, but since the shower was originally supposed to be the same day that Hurricane Irene came through here, it got rescheduled. I ended up buying most of her gift but I wanted to give her something handmade as well (especially since she’s from the same group of friends as the bride-to-be that the cherry apron was for!) Didn’t have the time or funds for a whole apron, but I did make her these potholders from a pattern that my mom had on hand and some fabrics left over from my quilt. I actually really liked how these potholders turn out–this might become the go-to pattern the next time I need to make a shower gift!

I spent the majority of today starting off my Vogue dress, and got the bodice pretty much sewn together. So here’s the front so far…. (sitting a little lopsided on the dummy, now that I look at the picture, but hopefully I can fix that when it’s on myself!)

And here’s the back, though not quite how it’ll end up (since the seam is  pinned to the outside.) I think I’ll have to tweak the back shoulder part a bit, maybe shorten it up, but it’s only basted on right now so that will be easy enough to fix. The zipper is supposed to separate the back a bit more, so I may need to take some of the length out there, too. Guess I’ll have to actually try it on to see, but I’m all sewed out for today!

The surprising thing is that it looks like I’m going to end up doing this entirely on the machine instead of the serger, which I haven’t done on a knit project in awhile! But there’s so many places where you have to stop sewing at a certain place or sew on stay tape and that sort of stuff. I’ve been using the walking foot on my machine and it’s helped quite a bit.

I’m ready to kick back now….maybe I’ll see if I can get some work done on that second swatch for the knitalong.


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