1 shirt, 6 ways

I’ve long admired Carolyn’s posts where she takes a garment she’s made and wears it six different ways. I tend to sometimes get stuck in a box with my handmade clothes, where I’ll only wear them one, maybe two different ways. So since I had a little extra time this morning due to a last-minute lesson cancellation, I decided to play around with this idea myself. (Think of this as my shortened homage to Self-Stitched September, since I’m not playing this time.)

So without further ado, my French Vanilla top, 6 different ways.

Darn you, Picasa, why do you always cut the numbers even when I save it? Anyway…. I wanted to see if I could take this summery top into the fall. And since I live in the mid-Atlantic, our weather is seriously unpredictable this time of year. Like yesterday, it was in the low 60s and raining all day, and I was in pants and long sleeves all day. Today, it’s still overcast, but up in the 80s again. So here’s how I played it out:

Top row, L-R:
1. As basic as it gets, with the top paired with a pair of purchased cargo capri pants (I liked them because they claimed to be recycled cotton), sandals, and one of my favorite summer necklaces. (Not me-made, but Mom-made, with bone beads and a shell pendant.)

2. This time, I paired it with the skirt it was originally intended to go with, as part of the summer mini-wardrobe. Which I don’t think it goes with that well, but you live and learn, right? (I tried to get a full shot of the skirt, but the family dog insisted on “helping” with this particular outfit, and I couldn’t get a shot without her!) I also mixed up the jewelry this time to the “Earth” Elements necklace/earrings.

3. I’m undecided on this look. I like it in the picture, but I wonder if it’s too neutral in real life, given that the top covers up the main splash of color in the skirt. (Pic is from last year’s SSS, since the skirt predates the blog.) They got a bit cut off, but this time I wore my blingy silver gladiator sandals and some simpler metal jewelry that I did not make.

Bottom row, L-R:
4. The first of my fallish looks! Same brown sandals as before, but this time I paired it with my one and only pair of skinny jeans (like new, fits me perfectly, DKNY, $11 at Goodwill! Ok, done squealing now), a thrifted lacey cardigan, and a beaded necklace and earrings that I made way back in college. I don’t look so happy with it since I was trying to do the pouty model thing, but I actually really like this outfit and will be pulling it out for sure once it cools down again slightly.

5. This is the sort of thing I’d be likely to wear for teaching. Paired with my basic brown pants (purchased), my wear-all-the-time brown boots, and my Eva jacket. For this one and the next one, I wrapped the ties to cinch it in the back instead of tying the bow in the front.

6. Since I enjoy making skirts, I’m trying to come up with some ways to make them doable for easily-chilled me in the cooler weather. So this is with the refashioned denim skirt that I just made last week, another thrifted cardigan (which is not quite as neon as it seems here…but it is pretty bright), the same brown boots, and brown tights. I’m not entirely convinced about the tights, at least in this color, but I don’t really have a lot of them so it was pretty much the only option for now. Other than black, which would be rather Halloween-ish.

So what do you think? Any favorites/suggestions of other things to pair this shirt with?

Of course, none of these are what I’m wearing today, though it is still partially self-stitched…

I’m back in the cargo pants and sandals from #!, but this is with my silk  “spiced chai” shirt that I reconstructed earlier in the summer, and the lacy cardigan and headband that I did more recently in its debut outfit appearance. After wearing all of those sweaters and pants, I needed to cool down again!


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