Something old, something new, something gifted and something blue

No, this has absolutely nothing to do with weddings. But it fits.

First of all, the something old/gifted. I started these handwarmers (also from the Constellation pattern) waaaaaaaaaay back in April. But I didn’t finish them until today, mainly due to the Odyssey tank. I actually got the knitting done on Monday or Tuesday (spent a good chunk of Hurricane Irene working on these, since I didn’t want to get involved in sewing in case the power went out), but I had to weave in the ends. I used the same type of yarn (the chunky-weight Deborah Norville Serenity in “Majesty”), though I was more careful about lining up the stripes this time when they’re next to each other. I also actually remembered to do the ribbing on smaller needles sometimes, so I think it’ll end up fitting better. The thumb holes feel a little tight right now, but I’m hoping I can stretch those out a bit.

I made these for my friend Shantelle, who was threatening to steal mine last winter! (She’s from Trinidad, so she has a better excuse to get cold easily in the winter than I do.) So hopefully she’ll like them and they’ll fit ok.

And for the something new/blue:

My first time doing an exposed zipper. Not what I would normally go for, but I had it on hand, and I figured it would be good to try one out before I do the Vogue dress. It specifically calls for an exposed zipper, and I’d rather do my first attempt on a stretch woven than a jersey knit! So this is the sneak preview of the reconstruction project I’m currently working on, hopefully to be finished tomorrow.


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