Fall is in the air…

First off, thanks for the well-wishes about Irene. I actually ended up with a best-case scenario–no loss of power, no flooding, basically just a lazy weekend of staying inside to avoid the wind and rain. We did have a tornado warning at one point, which was kind of scary, but if there was one, it got nowhere near me. Guess I could have sewed this weekend after all, lol! But I did get some knitting done, so that’s something. (No pics yet, because it’s not going to take me that long to finish this project. I just need to sit down and do it. So I’ll hold off on that.)

Secondly, thanks for all of the suggestions so far for what to do with that floral fabric. There’s a couple of suggestions I found particularly intriguing, so I’m thinking through it. And by all means, if you have any other ideas, keep them coming!

I think the hurricane may have blown in some early fall weather–usually around here in August, it’s still really hot and sticky. But it’s actually really nice out today–sunny and only 75 degrees. The perfect day for taking my new knitted top out for a test drive, really. (Paired it with my sunflower skirt, since this is basically my last chance to wear it if I follow that silly “no white after Labor Day” rule.) Since I’ve still had no luck in the job-hunting department and therefore didn’t have work this morning, I took the opportunity to kick-start my fall sewing as well.

This was actually the last thing on my “summer essentials” list, but I’m going to use it to ease myself into sewing for cooler weather again. I saw a blouse kind of similar to this around last year at a store–pretty simple cut, but it had some nice details with the sleeves and especially the buttons. That’s going to be the tricky part to figure out– I remember they were sewn on there in groups of 3, with a sort of loop closure. So while my fabric is rather sheer and I’ll always have to wear it over top of something anyway, and therefore wardrobe malfunctions won’t be an issue, I’m still hoping I can figure out a way to do that middle part so it’s not gapping open all the time.

So my strategy for replicating this was to make a mash-up pattern based on my favorite blouse pattern, and the Burda pattern I used for the Ayden shirt. It’s mostly straightforward– I’m using the sleeves from view D and the sort of mandarin-style collar from view E (the yellow blouse, kind of cut off in this pic) out of the New Look as is. And it’s basically the front and back of the Burda pattern, though I retraced the back so that I could add a little more width and alter the armholes to match the New Look. The upper front was where it gets the most complicated, so I took a couple of pictures.

The shoulder widths and angles line up perfectly! The armholes on the Burda do cut a little higher, so when I retraced it, I did go with the New Look armhole (the newsprinty-looking section– this was my piece that I traced out and altered for the Chevron blouse.) As you can see, the widths are a bit different, and the angles at the neckline. Since I knew I wanted to use the New Look collar, I’d have to fix that.

So here’s kind of where it ended up– the neck angle of the New Look, and the bottom shaping of the Burda. The final piece ended up looking even a little different than that, because I realized that with the way the front should end up working and the sheerness of the fabric, there’s really no good way to do a facing in this. So I trimmed the seam allowance off there a bit and I’m just going to do a bias strip binding instead. Hopefully it’ll work out ok…I’ve never done a closure like this before and I have a feeling that winging will be involved. But it is all cut out now, except for interfacing. (Which will probably be more of the never-ending piece of silk organza, just because that would work better with the sheerness.)


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