So who wants to help me bust some stash?

If you’re anywhere near the east coast of the US right now, you know the big story is Hurricane Irene, which is currently heading north and right towards my little corner of the world. My tiny little Mid-atlantic state is under a state of emergency right now, though I’m far enough inland that I don’t need to evacuate or anything. But we’re still supposed to get a lot of rain and possible flooding and stuff, so part of my preparations was to make sure things like a few piles of fabric, the foot pedals to my sewing machine and serger, and the hanging file folder holding the majority of my scrapbook paper were safely off the basement ground. (Which means I’m going to be having a knitting day instead of a sewing day, since I don’t want to forget and leave my foot pedals down again, and I can’t cut out my next project due to the table I use for that being piled up with some small bins of patterns and said scrapbook paper.)

Since I had some fabric bins out to move leftovers from my summer projects around anyway, I went ahead and pulled out a couple of things in preparation for fall sewing! I left the fabric for the last of the blouses I had planned for the summer, since I think it’ll still work as a transitional piece. But aside from that, I pulled out some denim to (hopefully) make a pair of jeans that actually works, some corduroy for a jacket, the knit I had in mind for that Vogue pattern, and a couple of other pieces for some quicker projects when the mood strikes me. In looking through the fabrics, though, I realized that there’s still quite a few pieces in there that I love the prints, but I’ve been kind of stumped on what to actually use them for. Since I like getting comments anyway (who doesnt?), I was thinking it might be fun to make this a little more interactive. So the picture up top is the first piece that’s been sitting around for awhile that I’d like to actually turn into something. Here’s the details:

It’s a silky fabric, I’m pretty sure it’s 100% polyester. 46″ wide and I have 2 yards. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but the background is a deep chocolate brown, and the purple has more of a red tone to it. The rest of the colors look to be pretty accurate. As you can see, it’s a pretty big print, with the larger flowers being around 4″. I’ve had this one around for probably about 5 years–didn’t get it with anything particular in mind, I just liked the print and the colors.

So, what should I make out of this? I’ll gladly take any and all suggestions, and hopefully have something to show later on in the season!

Signing off for now, and I may not be able to come back for a bit depending on the power situation–hope that all of the rest of you in the path of Irene stay safe!


11 thoughts on “So who wants to help me bust some stash?

  1. It is cute! Being that it is poly, and you live in an area with high humidity, I'd go with a flowing cardi or vest. Just something to throw on to add a little style to a plain outfit. I used S3894 to make a few filmy cardis to wear over my camis and pj pants. Right now I am wearing one of black novelty knit.

    Stay as dry as possible, and stay safe.


  2. Hard to feel confident without seeing the fabric in person, but my first thought is a maxi dress with simple lines so you don't break up that big print. Hope the storms end up being no big deal for you. Maybe you can send some of the rain down here for us in TX. πŸ™‚


  3. I was absolutely with Antoinette and was thinking maxi (McCalls 6433 for me!) but since you've got 2 yards this could be a very fun sheath dress. Maybe you could include some piping details that pick up one of the colours.

    Anyway, these colours are great and you could find yourself with a great fall and even spring transition piece! Good luck!


  4. I've been on the lookout for a drapey fabric for my Pendrell blouse pattern. Your fabric looks great for that purpose, maybe the version with the ruffle sleeves?

    We're getting hourly news of Irene even over here in Germany, so I hope the damages won't be too big…


  5. My first thought was maxi dress, but I'm not sure you have enough fabric. Or I'd make a simple kaftan tunic with a constrast neck band. I've used a great Simplicity pattern. See the This is me post on my blog for reference. Good luck.


  6. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far!

    Amber–no, it does not stretch.

    It would make a pretty cool maxi-dress, wouldn't it? But I don't think 2 yards would be enough for that, at least not by itself. I'm wondering if elastic shirring it in part would give it enough stretch so that I could attach it to a knit–I do have a piece of dark brown knit that might go nicely, so I could maybe do a maxi-dress if I use that as the bodice. Though I do like the kimono top idea, too!


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