Jumping on the Sorbetto bandwagon

 Ok, so I didn’t have time to finish up the knit tank yesterday. But I did have time to finish this. (Yes, Mary, you guessed right.)

So this is my test version of the Sorbetto that’s been all over the sewing interwebs this summer. It was a fun little top to sew up–the instructions were good, and I can see how this would be simple enough that it’s able to be very easily customized, like the seven-day challenge at The Sew Weekly did.

The thing is, I’m just not convinced that this pattern actually works on me….

It could be partially the fabric. If it looks familiar, that’s because this used to be my Azalea top. It’s been sitting deconstructed in my refashion bin, because it was just too poofy and I never wore it. And it was just the perfect size to fit the two pattern pieces on. But I’m thinking this silky poly stuff just isn’t good for somewhat tailored elements– see how that center pleat poofs out?

What’s got me unconvinced on this one is both the length–a little short for me–and the overall fit. It’s not the fit of the pattern itself, more the styling. The bust fits really well, but I always feel like tops that don’t have any waist shaping make me look a lot bigger than I am. I did take this one in a smidge at the waist, but it still kind of makes me look box-shaped.

So then I tried tucking it in, since I get the impression that this was what the top was more meant for anyway, given Colette Patterns’ somewhat more vintage stylings. It does work a little better this way (hey look, I have a waist again!), but I don’t like how it’s poofing out. Again, that might be the fabric.

Then I tried adding a belt, and so far this is how I like it the best. Though, given the length of the top, I think it would work much better with a thinner belt. And one that actually matches the colors of the top. I do still have a decent-sized piece of the grey fabric that I used for the binding left–I might have to pick up one of Sunni’s belt-making kits.

I hope I can find a way to wear this well. I think this has the potential to look really cute paired with my Eva jacket, and I still love this print, so I’d hate for it to be a double fail in how I’ve used it! So what do you think?


7 thoughts on “Jumping on the Sorbetto bandwagon

  1. The fabric is super cute, and I think you've done a great job with the sorbetto, considering other accounts I've seen/heard so far about sewing/fitting it! And I agree on those poly-ish fabrics being unfriendly to work with, the more you try to fit them the worse they look…


  2. I think it look best belted. I've been pondering making a Sorbetto and have thought of the same things as you raised here – that I would look box shaped. If/when I make the Sorbetto I would probably wear it with a belt.


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