Two things:

1. These are the potholders I made to go along with Kristy’s apron. Pretty easy, although the quilting made it a bit more time-consuming. I’m going to need to try to think of a better way to apply the bias binding next time I make something like this–the back side is a bit messier than I’d like, but I didn’t have time to hand-sew it down.  She seemed to like them– I think she was amused at how closely they match her current kitchen theme! (Which was the point, since she owns and he rents and so he’ll be moving into her place after the wedding.)

2. I need a little advice….one of my friends asked me if I could hem her bridesmaid dress for the same wedding. She offered to pay me (and frankly, given how badly my day job hours have been cut back this summer, I need the money), and asked what I’d charge. I told her it would partially depend on how involved it would be–you know, lining, overlayers, that sort of thing–so I’d need to see it first. That aside….what would be a reasonable rate to charge for something like that? (You’d think that, given that I’ve been setting prices for my flute lessons ever since I finished college, I’d be better at this sort of thing….but I tend to err on the side of undercharging, I think.)

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