a few random thoughts

1. Vogue 1253 is officially in the fall queue. I have the right amount of what will be a great color for it in my stash (and even in a solid! Which is impressive for me, and I think this dress actually needs it to show the detail.) The pattern is purchased. As is the lining fabric and the “contrast”, which is really basically just a built-in petticoat to give the skirt a bit more body. So, yes, I had to buy fabric, but it’s to help me use up fabric, so it should all even out.

1a. Since it’s fully lined, and the bodice is pretty structured, I wonder if I can manage to build a bra into this one? Maybe that’s pushing it, since it’s a knit…I’ll have to think about it.

2. Still plodding along on the knit tank. Still hoping to get it done by Labor Day. I guess I just need to sit down with a movie or two and knock out as much as I can.

3. I think my dream of making myself a raincoat for the fall/winter may have to wait. You know how sometimes you get a specific idea or color in mind for a project, and nothing short of that idea will do? Well, I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since I started doing my idea sketches for the BurdaStyle book that I want a long brown raincoat. I’m just not sure I can afford it at this point, honestly. The only fabric I’d found was at Gorgeous Fabrics, and was $18 a yard. And with the pattern I was eyeing (a Burda mag one), I’d need almost 4 yards. Plus something to line it with. And something to underline it with, if I want to make it warm enough. Eek. (And go figure, the identical fabric in black and in navy was knocked down to a much more affordable sale price, but not the brown. And I don’t want navy or especially black, since my regular winter peacoat is black.)  Thanks to some Google searching, I did find some fabrics here, and one of them is a solid brown. (In a much more affordable $10/yd.)

Still need to figure out the underlining issue, though. Why does all the warm stuff have to be wool?

3. I have a finished project. And a picture of it. But not for a post yet, since I’m not on my desktop and therefore haven’t uploaded it yet. (I’m keeping pictures off the laptop for memory space reasons.)

4. Ok, ok, I’ll admit it….Pinterest is pretty cool. And somewhat addicting. (And if any of you have one, let me know so I can follow people that actually post stuff, unlike all of my Facebook friends that got automatically added!)

5. And even though I’m sure the enthusiasm is waning as the season draws to a close, here’s a hint about my current in-progress sewing project: it’s been very, very popular this summer in the sewing blogosphere.

And with that, I just saw the time and I have to be at work extra-early tomorrow. Joy. So good night!

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