A deceptively complicated refashion

Recently over at Refashion Co-Op, the editors decided it would be fun to occasionally have community challenges based on a certain theme. The first one is going on this week, and the theme is lace. Now, I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat myself: I’m generally not a lace girl. But I did have a top on hand that fit the bill that I’ve been meaning to work on anyway, so it was a good time to join in on the fun!

Here’s the original top, as modeled by Donna. An all-over stretch lace, kind of peasanty top that I picked up at the thrift store one day. My thought was that it would make a nice layering top, being in a rather neutral color. But it had some issues.

Namely being that the thing was rather big on me. I’m wearing it over another top here, and the only thing keeping it from falling off of my shoulders is that I’m holding my arm up to do the mirror shot thing. Which made it annoying to wear even layered over a camisole, since the straps were always showing.

My original thought was to resize and fully line it, so I could eliminate the camisole altogether. Which made this a deceptively complicated thing to refashion, since I had to almost entirely deconstruct it first!  I basically just used the original pieces as a pattern and lined it with some jersey knit. (The leftover remnant pieces from this top, to be precise, though I used the wrong side for the coloring.)

I realized partway through that I had no idea how to reattach the peasanty sleeves for it to still work, so I ended up making this into a camisole. Adding the lining was probably a waste of time due to this, since in order for the bust seam to sit right, I’d have to wear another one underneath (it’s loooooow by my standards!) Though it might be ok to wear it a bit higher under another shirt.

I do like how the straps turned out, though. I basically just took a scrap of the jersey and a scrap of the lace and sandwiched it around a piece of regular old elastic, then zig-zagged it while I stretched it.

Since I used one sleeve to make the straps, I had one sleeve left over. So I squared up the ends, serged it into a tube, and sewed the ends onto another piece of elastic…

…to make a headband! The fabric is stretchy enough that I think I’ll be able to avoid my usual headband issue. (They tend to squeeze behind my ears and make me end up with a headache.) And it’s a neutral enough color that I’ll probably get some good use out of it!

So since I did all of this (minus the deconstructing) yesterday, I guess I can say that Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday is back!

On a few random notes:

  • It’s good to see Project Runway back! Despite my annoyance last season at Gretchen winning, and my annoyance in the first episode for cutting one of the ladies whose style I liked so far in favor of the one who was putting everyone down right from the start, I’ve been enjoying it so far. (I’m not-so-secretly rooting for Anya, despite her lack of sewing experience, because I actually know someone who knows her! One of my friends from church grew up in Trinidad and went to school with her!)
  • I think I need this pattern. Seriously. This is the coolest knit dress pattern I’ve seen in awhile, and I have a piece of fabric in the stash that I think is the perfect amount to make it. Therefore, I need this pattern to bust my stash. So there.
  • Several of you probably know this already, but the BurdaStyle book release date is up! As is a picture of the cover on Amazon. (It’s hard to tell from the size of the picture, even when enlarging….but I’m pretty sure the jacket third from the left in the bottom row is mine!) That reminds me, I really need to get my studio page over there updated…

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