Fairly quickie refashion

Working on Saturdays always makes me a little cranky. The good thing was that I got off earlier than I thought (ok, not so good for my wallet), so I decided to do some sewing. I’m more inclined to refashioning when I’m cranky, because then I get to destroy things first. So I took one of my more recent thrift store acquisitions and chopped it up a bit. (Picture-heavy post coming up.)

I liked the color of this dress. And oddly, I liked the ruffle at the bottom.

I also liked this cute matching belt. Unfortunately, even at its tightest, the belt is too big for me. Which was a pretty big factor in what I ended up doing with it.

The more I was looking at this, the less I could see myself wearing this as a dress. I thought about dissecting it solely for fabric, but I couldn’t really see it as a top of some sort either. So I decided to take it into a different and much more useable route– I’ve badly needed some more summer sleepwear this year, especially since one of my few pajama shorts is literally falling to pieces. (No surprise, since I made them when I was 15 or something.) So I decided to go for a nightgown-ish sort of thing.

First thing I did was take out the side zipper, and then cut the skirt off of the top. Then I sewed the seam back up…

Then I fiddled around with it to figure out how long a portion of the skirt I wanted to use, based it together (it was a sheer fabric over top of a lining) and chopped off the excess.

I took the back next, and ended up trimming off pretty much everything above where the armhole curve started, then made an elastic casing at the top.

Then I took what was left of the back, which was still attached to the front, and trimmed off a good chunk of the back to make some straps.

Then I turned under the raw edge and stitched it… I know it looks a little weird with just that part topstitched, but you can’t really tell on the finished product…

….because I made the straps all twisted up.

Then I sewed the straps to the back– the front was kind of a surplice thing, so it was in two pieces.

Then I sewed the top part to the skirt…

….and sewed elastic on top of the seam to try and pull it in a bit. I guess the elastic I used wasn’t super-stretchy, because there’s not a whole lot of give there, so I might replace it. Seems to fit ok though.

And here’s the finished result. It’s definitely much frillier than my usual pjs, and not the sort of top I’d ever wear in public because it’s way too low-cut and definitely has that maternity vibe. But I had fun making it, it was fun to experiment with a style I don’t normally do. It was pretty comfortable to sleep in, too. And even if it is kind of frilly and girly, no one sees me when I sleep anyway. So works fine for me!


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