A very fluffy skirt

My sister-in-law is a lot of fun. She really is like the little sister I never had, so I just call her that. And we’re both on the tech crew at our church, so when we’re both scheduled at the same time, sometimes interesting stuff comes out of it. Take, for instance, a couple of weeks ago. She came into the room, and upon seeing me, announced, “I tried on a dress yesterday that made me look like a pixie!” But she couldn’t remember which store it was at. So after about half an hour or so of both of us searching on our phones, she finally found the picture. I don’t have it, but it was basically a beaded corset with a tulle skirt. I mused that, with the right thrifted formal dress, it could probably be somewhat copied. And from there, it turned into her deciding that she needs a tulle skirt to wear out for her upcoming birthday. So, being the great older sister that I am (haha), I agreed to make one for her. So without further ado, I present the fluffiest skirt I have ever made!

The colors aren’t quite right, but it is three shades of blue, which I zig-zag stitched onto a short skirt made of knit fabric.

Kind of like this–it’s a little wonky at the top because we’re somewhat different sizes, but you get the idea.

I do have to admit that it reminds me a little of this….

But we both love Firefly so that’s ok. I texted her a picture of it and she seems excited— I just hope she likes it when she tries it on! Sewing for other people always makes me a little nervous!

The bonus thing is that I’m counting this for A Yen For Craft’s Challenge: Ridiculous. After all, I basically just made a tutu for an almost-25-year-old! (Not the project I originally had in mind, and I’m hoping I still get to the one I was thinking this summer since it was part of my Summer Essentials plan, but gotta roll with it.)

Before I go, just a few follow-ups from the last post about the corset-laced pants:
First of all, thanks to Joy, Gail, Kelly and Alessa for offering suggestions about the lacing. In the end, I did swap them out for some leather, which seemed to wash ok so far except for a bit of curling:

(Again, not quite accurate coloring, and they’re not ironed or anything, but I think this will work much better.)

Anoriell also asked what my next big project is going to be…honestly, I’m not entirely sure yet! I’m at the point of the summer where I am beginning to think ahead to what I might want to make this fall, and so far, I have three things in mind:

1. Those jeans I’ve been trying to make for years. Now that I have a successful pants fitting job under my belt, surely I can finally conquer these things! Right?

2. A corduroy jacket that I meant to make last winter, but never got to. Fully lined and everything.

3. I’ve been thinking that I might want to make a cold-weather raincoat– as much as I love my peacoat, which is still holding up well after 4 winters of use, it’s really not that great for those cold rainy fall/winter days–the coat just gets kind of damp and doesn’t repel anything. (Darn wool sensitivity….it would probably work better if it was made out of that!) And the only raincoat I have is very lightweight, and VERY spring/summer looking (i.e. it’s bright turquoise.) So while it would be complicated, especially figuring out how to make it warm enough for my cold-blooded self, it would be very practical.

So you see the problem– everything I want to make is complicated and time-consuming! I do already have fabric for the first two, but nothing that would work for the raincoat so I’d have to buy things. And I already know I’d be picky about it, because I already have a rather firmly stuck mental picture of wanting it to be brown. Choices, choices….


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