2 cool things:

1. At long last, the Anthropologie pants are done! I finished hemming them this morning. Pictures are going to have to wait, as this is the last night of the dogsitting job and I have nothing better than a house with limited light and my phone camera, which will not do them justice. But I’m wearing them to church tomorrow for certain (the one time I’m glad of the extreme air conditioning, because I won’t melt in them until I go back outside–hopefully the linen will be ok for the drive home!) So I’ll take the pictures tomorrow while I have them in an outfit and all.

2. I forgot to mention in my last post that I won a giveaway! Alessa at Farbenfreude had a giveaway for her birthday recently, and I won a copy of Sewaholic‘s new Lonsdale dress pattern! (Which is great, because I meant to get it in the pre-order, got sidetracked by life, and missed the deadline.) I’m really excited about this pattern–it’s not often that I’ve seen a maxi-dress pattern that actually is fitted in the waist instead of that empire-waist cut, which is what’s partially foiled all of my previous attempts to make one. This just might be the one that works for me. I can’t justify jumping into the upcoming sew-along, because I’ve had a couple of sewing projects come up that I need to get done that have August deadlines. Plus I only have 2 1/2 of my 5 planned Summer Essentials Sew-along pieces done, and it’s nearly the end of July. (And I feel like I should make up the Crescent Skirt first, since I’ve had that pattern and the newly purchased fabric for it sitting around for a couple of months.) But it’ll be good to have the posts there for when I get to it–and while I have nothing in my stash in sufficient quantities for the maxi-dress, I do have a print that’s been there for years that will probably be absolutely perfect to test the pattern out with the shorter version. Thanks again, Alessa!
Speaking of those summer essentials, since I’m using my current knitting project as one of the five, I guess I should also mention that as of tonight, I’m over 20 rows into the back. Spent some quality time tonight with a beloved movie I’ve been meaning to re-watch for awhile and the knitting needles. So I’m something like a fifth of the way there (dummy me, I should have written down the total number of rows, but I don’t think I did.) I am getting a little nervous about having enough yarn to finish, since I was well into ball #3 by the time I got done the front and I still need to have enough left for the neck edging and sewing it together in the end. They still have it at the online store I bought it from (assuming I finish this up quickly enough that they don’t run out), but I don’t know if it would be the same dyelot. Plus I hate to place an order and pay shipping for one ball of yarn….

One thought on “2 cool things:

  1. 🙂 Congrats again on winning the giveaway, Becky! My Lonsdale dress will also have to wait a bit, there's so many things in my sewing queue!

    But congrats on getting a head start with your knitting project! I'm still too lazy to seriously start one, but I may do some socks come fall…


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