Sneak preview

Or at least as much of one as I can give with a crappy phone photo. I haven’t been home much this week, because I’m dogsitting for a friend who is currently out of the country. But I have had to go home for part of the day the last couple of days, mostly for flute-teaching related reasons. My hours at my retail job also got cut back (the bad time of year) so I’ve had a couple of hours to kill.

The lacing’s not a perfect match, but I think it’s as close as I can get without making it out of the same fabric. (Which will make it too thick for the buttonholes anyway.) The inside seams are all finished (at least as well as I can for some of the more curved ones), the outer waistband is on, and the fly-front zipper is in. A lot more winging it this time, since I was inexplicably unable to make heads or tails of the directions this time, but a lot fewer hot dates with my seam ripper. So I guess that’s a success. I also ended up having to go back and topstitch all over the pleat to give it more definition, since it just looked like super-baggy pants when it was on. On the plus side, around my waist/hips/thighs, this is hands-down the best-fitting pair of pants I have ever made so far!

I’ve been without my sewing machine while I’m here (I’ve learned from previous times of watching this particular dog that sewing is not a compatible activity, because she will inevitably try to walk on freshly-ironed pieces or drop a drool-covered toy right in the middle of my fabric). So I’ve been doing a lot of knitting. As of Monday night, the front of the tank I’m making is all done! Other than weaving in ends and doing a neckline bit. I cast on the back yesterday, and am something like 3 rows in. Hopefully this half will go quicker than the first one.


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