I’m back!

…and will have more of an update later. For now, just playing around with the direct-to-blog feature of Picasa– I wanted to post some jewelry pics anyway. None of these are anything new, except to this blog– everything was for the craft fair, and I’m dipping into the collection again in an attempt to disperse it. So here’s a quick rundown of the latest things I’ve found a home for…
1. A bone and shell bead bracelet with silver spacers, which I’m keeping for myself. I’d been eyeing it since I made it anyway.
2. Glass leaf earrings, also for me. I wore these today, actually.
3a-3b. The last one I’m keeping for myself at the moment. This one was a lot of fun to make, actually– I’m calling it my “Amalgamate’ necklace, because it’s bascially all of the whitish/tannish/clearish neutral glass beads that I had that didn’t go with anything else–all single beads, so I couldn’t even make earrings. They’re all individually linked together with wire and then hanging off of a bulky chain piece.
4 & 5. I gave these two pairs of earrings away tonight, as low-key birthday gifts for two friends of mine–they’re sisters, and their birthdays are close together, so they had a last-minute joint party tonight. Just a few of us over for cake and ice cream. I tried to pull ones out of the collection that fit each girl’s style/personality, and they both seemed to really like them. The first is carved wooden beads and crochet-covered beads (for the 60’s-loving friend who prefers smaller, simple jewelry), and the second is glass beads and chandeliers (for the Renaissance-loving friend).

Hoping to get another post in tomorrow (or later today, really), since I actually finished a new project tonight! But sleep first. Besides, I don’t know how to post more than one picture for this feature.

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