First summer essential: done at last!

Ok, technically I finished these last Thursday. But I haven’t had a chance to actually post until today.

They’re rather wrinkled-looking in this pic, which doesn’t really do much to show the fit. This was after wearing them for the entire day on Friday, both to work at my retail job (mental note to self: not the best shorts for clipping the 2-way radio to) and for helping my brother with a project that involved sitting down at a keyboard and banging out chords for an hour or so.

To help offset the welt pocket gapping problem, I took Joy’s suggestion and made some buttoned flaps to cover them up. I think they would have looked better if the pockets had been at an angle, or if I’d been able to sew them into the pocket and not just topstitch them onto the existing welt, but hey, it worked. And it looks a lot better than the gappy pockets! So thanks, Joy!

I’ve mostly gotten the pants pieces traced out and altered now, though I ran out of time on Saturday and haven’t been able to get back to it yet. I have an idea for how to handle the pleat, and hope it’s going to work. But I’m going to put that on hold for a little bit, because I have another project I’d like to knock out first– a laptop bag! My computer’s a desktop, and I’m still going to be using it as my main computer, but I thought it would be nice to have something a little more portable–I do need that at times, and my phone isn’t always the best option. I need to get that done by mid-July since I’ll be away from home for a dogsitting job and need to transport it safely! And I’m excited, because this project will allow me to use up a chunk of some stash fabric that I have been stumped on for quite some time. More details to come, since I have some students on vacation and therefore some time to get started tonight…

Also, thanks for the feedback so far on the random question in the last post. If anyone else has anything to add to that discussion, I’m all ears!


8 thoughts on “First summer essential: done at last!

  1. Perfection ! I love the celtic knot facing you chose too. You have me inspired to try some shorts. Thanks for posting. All the photos were great to see as well as your comments. You look great in them!


  2. You did such a great job! I like the flap over the pocket too. The flap is holding the pocket shut right? For some reason, in my head, I think the flap would look better if it was facing the other way. But, I still love the shorts!


  3. Thanks, all!

    Elise–I'm happy I finally found a way to use it! I'm definitely a sucker for Celtic knotwork patterns, so it's nice to be able to incorporate those into my clothes.

    Misty– My mom said the same thing when she saw them! And I can see how that could work a bit better. Since this was a last-minute addition to fix the welt pocket gapping problem, though, sewing the flap on the other side would have meant closing up the pocket (since I had to stitch through all of the layers there.) So I opted for function over potential form in this case.

    Joy/Mary–heh, I thought of that. Definitely has a military feel to it.


  4. They came out very well. The flaps was a much more practical idea than may suggestion to stitch them together. Not only do you have usable pockets, but also a nice design element.


  5. Your shorts are great. I don't know if I'd be able to takle shorts. I was reading a pattern the other day (can't find shorts I like at the store) and the zipper part kinda freaks me out. Great job


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