90 degrees and rising…

…makes it a good day for sewing shorts! Especially since I actually had some time to sew today! And the Summer Essentials Sew-along officially starts today!

First thing I did today was trim those seam allowances down to my usual 5/8″. This picture is the center back seam, and you can see what a drastic change I had to make here! For the majority of the rest of it, though, it was just a case of trimming off the extra 3/8″ I added to get a full inch seam.

Once those were all trimmed down, I took off what was left of the waistband seam (had to undo it partially already for the trimming), then the side, inseam and crotch seams. Next thing I did was sew the darts and the seams that run down the middle of the front legs. The twill seems more prone to fraying than I thought it would, so I’m edge-finishing the seams with the overlocker-esque stitch on my machine. I don’t have anything close to the right color thread for my serger anyway, and was feeling too lazy to bother setting it up and rethreading it as a result. Plus this twill also seems to show marks when pressed, if the back darts are any indication, so it’s probably just as well that I give it a lighter finish. Incidentally, this has me thinking that for the linen pants, I may Hong Kong-finish the seams on that, since linen will fray even worse. But I’d rather save such a time-consuming process for the pants.

Next thing I decided to do was tackle the welt pockets. A first for me! I marked the pocket on one side of the shorts, and then decided it looked like it was awfully low. So after holding it up to myself to confirm this,I ended up moving the welt about 2″ higher. (The red line is the new one.)

Then once I had the new pocket line marked, I interfaced where the opening was supposed to go. The tutorial recommended pinking the interfacing, but I decided to use some really lightweight stuff so I just tore it. I didn’t want to mark the actual cut line on the outside (not sure how well this chalk pencil will wash off), so I hand-basted the line instead, using the pattern as a guide.

Next up was doing the actual welts. Which turned out to be much more simple than I thought, thanks to some nice instructions in one of the books I have here. So here they are, all basted shut and pressed and everything. I wish the corners were laying just a bit flatter, but overall, I’m thinking not bad for a first attempt. (And that I maybe need to press the one on the right a bit more.)

The only thing is, I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to put the actual pocket pieces in! Burda’s directions are being typically hard to decipher, and all of my on-hand resources seem to focus more on welt pockets for jackets, so they just have small rectangular ones. So this is going to be my stopping point for the night, in order for me to do some more internet research. I need to switch to knitting now anyway, since I’m going to be hanging out with my crocheting friends all weekend and would like to get a few more rows done on the tank top first. That way I can just do a more brainless pattern and be social!

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