the promised knitting update

I’m finding it easier to keep my sewing and knitting posts pretty much separated. And I haven’t said anything about my latest yarny endeavors in awhile, so here’s what’s been going on.

1. I still haven’t blocked that Stolen Moments wrap. Kind of a combo of lack of time/lack of good weather to do it with. I’m thinking that, since the recommended method involved rolling it up in towels and whatnot, probably the best place for me to let it dry is out in the backyard. And between all the cloudy days and rain we’ve been getting this month, and just not being home for a long enough stretch of time to do it….yeah.

2. The unraveling continues from those sweaters. The cream colored one is all unraveled, balled up, and listed with its estimated yardage and weight on Ravelry. I’m maybe 1/3-1/2 done unraveling the cardigan, and the grey sweater is in pieces, at least.

3. Largely due to #2, I ended up purchasing a ball winder and swift. I found the swift on Etsy, actually– a more tabletop-type one that folds up and was way less expensive than the average umbrella-looking thing (something like $25 vs. a minimum of $60, based on what I saw.) It’s making it sooooo much easier, and way more fun, to do the unraveling– I found that I can just wind it right from the sweater onto the swift, estimate the yardage from that piece based on where I’ve got the pegs (measured around them), and then crank it onto the ball winder. And then I get these nice flat-ended balls instead of the round ones that just fall all over the place while I’m trying to knit/tempt the cat into evil/etc. (Actually, I like the idea so much that I ended up using it on almost all of the yarn I have.

4. Oh, yeah, actual knitting. I’ve got two projects in the works right now, though I can’t talk about one of them yet.  All in good time. The other is the Drop-Stitch Lace Tank from a book I got called Fitted Knits (by Stefanie Japel). I guess you could say this is my first sweater attempt, though there aren’t any sleeves involved. This is about as far as I’ve gotten–I’ve added two rows since the picture was taken, but that’s not enough to make a difference in the look.

On a random note, so far, this project constantly gives me urges to listen to Arcade Fire. The yarn is by a company called Berroco,  and The Suburbs has this song (that gets stuck in my head a lot anyway) called “Rococo”…

And every time I think of it, I just keep subbing the chorus lyrics with “Berroco, Berroco, Berrocoberroco….”

I know, I know, I’m a geek. I’ve accepted that and moved on. 

If anything, this should give me the urge to go watch some movies based on Greek mythology. (Or get done with my current read so I can read the last of the Percy Jackson books.) The colorways all have something to do with it. Mine’s the “Homer Blue”. I’m calling this my Odyssey Tank, since The Odyssey is a waaaaaaay more fun read than The Illiad, IMO.


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