It’s a slip! It’s a dress! It’s a slipdress! (Ok, maybe just a slip.)

Skipped rock climbing again last night–was feeling rather tired and generally unwell. So I treated myself to a quick wardrobe fix that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.

I picked up this dress during a Goodwill run with a friend several months ago. Which is not actually the subject of this refashion, because I like it as is! It’s just a basic knit wrap dress in a bold print, so it’s very comfortable and fun. But I’ve been kind of afraid to wear it–it’s also more low cut than I feel comfortable wearing out in public (especially in a stretchy fabric), and the way the wrap is constructed would make it very prone to wardrobe malfunctions on a breezy day.

When I was swapping my warmer-weather clothes into my closet and drawers, I came across this tank top. I’ve had it for awhile, and it had gotten to the point that, while it still fit well overall, it had gotten uncomfortable even as a layering piece. It was just too short, with a tendency to ride up underneath whatever shirt I was wearing it with. So I figured this would be the perfect base for a layering piece for the stripey dress.

I didn’t have anything on hand in the stash to pair with it, though. So I picked up this basic knit skirt at the thrift store last week. (The same trip on which I spotted the sweater I just unraveled that led me down the path of excessive yarn consumption in the name of science.)

It was a rather simple refashion– I unpicked the hem on the tank top, chopped about 18″ off the base of the skirt, took in enough at the top of that part to make it fit the edge of the tank, and serged the two pieces together. And in about an hour, I had this:

Kind of reminds me of those dresses the Project Runway models always walk out in. I doubt I’ll ever wear this on its own as a dress. For one thing, I think stylewise it would be much more flattering if the skirt joined more at my waist instead of my hips. And then there’s that two-tone black thing it has going on–I tried to find something that would more or less match up, but I didn’t have the tank top with me so it was hard to judge. And since I used the lower portion of the skirt, it’s got a slit in it the back that runs the risk of being a bit risque! But as an underlayer, it’s great because it’ll be easier for me to walk. (I often joke that I walk like a guy– I take big steps!)

Not the best action shot, between my pasty legs and that weird shadow on my face that I didn’t notice until I’d already put away the tripod and uploaded the picture…blah. But I’ll feel much better about leaving the house in this dress without the fear of flashing people.

I suspect this slip-dress thing will come in handy later on, too– I saw this knit button-down shirtdress-type thing in one of the more recent issues of BurdaStyle that I really liked, and think would be a great pairing for one of the knit prints I picked up at Mood awhile back. But that, I think, would also need something underneath it.


4 thoughts on “It’s a slip! It’s a dress! It’s a slipdress! (Ok, maybe just a slip.)

  1. All of my RTW tanks have shrunk like that. Grrr…
    Great idea on the slip dress – you'll be able to wear with a variety of things since it's black.


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